Friday, March 14, 2008

Gotta Love Em'!

Yeah... so ya'll remember that lovely post from yesterday?? "The Best". Yeah that's the one where I posted the BEST quote ever!! It was from my little boy! It was sweet and over flowing with pure love for his momma!!

Here it is if you can't remember....

*and here is the BEST quote ever!* I love you always. Every minute. Every day. Every night. Always. I love you to the moon and back, and even when you are being mean yelling. I love you because it is for your own safety.

It touched my heart deep inside, choked me up and made me teary eyed. And, from my comments, it did the same for some of you too. It was so loving, mushy gushy and sweet. :)

Well this morning my lovely little spawn child yelled this lovely sentiment at me, which will be a remembered quote as well, but I'm not sure it will fall into the same category as THE BEST... well here it is and you can judge for yourself where we should place this "quote"

The scene...

Trevor is begging me to stay home from school, I am telling him what an awesome day he will have and that he is going. He is still begging and pleading with me. He got extra time at home because I was driving him in to school. He got to play the Wii and play with a new toy he got, and just hang out before even getting ready for school. Plus today is Movie Day in school, and they are having Shamrock Shakes in his class. :) What kid wouldn't want to go?? Mine!! Duh!! Aren't ya payin' attention at all?? JK Anyway, he wants to take his slippers to wear during the movie, so I pack them up. He wants to take his new digital camera (I'll explain that in another post) so I pack that up too. I say he can take pictures of his St. Patrick's Day party in school today. *here is where the dialog starts...

Mommy: You can take some pictures of your friends and teachers during your party today, while you guys are having Shamrock Shakes and hanging out.

Trevor: Oh yeah. But, um, I'm NOT GOING TO SCHOOL TODAY!!! I told you already, I WANNA STAY HOME!! I want a day off!!! And, plus, I'm TIRED!!!
**all caps are him yelling at me... wonder where he gets that from??**

Mommy: Yes, you are going. And please stop yelling at me. I'm not yelling at you. Am I? I'm talking nice, but if you don't get up off the couch turn off the Wii and get dressed for me, I'm going to start yelling.... please lets go!

Trevor: Well I WANNA YELL BECAUSE I DO NOT WANNA GO TO. SCHOOOOOOOL!! And, you aren't even LISTENING TO ME!!!! I wanna play the Wii and just stay home today!!

Mommy: *turned off the Wii* It is time to get up and get dressed, lets go. I'm loosing my patients and I really don't want to yell this morning, I know you want to stay home to play the Wii, but it will be here when you get home and you can play it then, IF you get ready NOW! Please, lets go.

Trevor: *stomping his feet all the way to the bathroom, with a horrible mean look on his face, pees and comes out to get dressed* GET ME DRESSED! .........(grumbles under breath) please.

Mommy: I'm not sending you to school to be mean, you'll have a good day! You'll have fun. I packed you slippers and your camera... you're all set, and when you get home, if you had a good day in school, you can play the Wii. And, I'm driving you in and I'll pick you up too, so it will be a quicker day for you.

***This is the key "quote" here that will be remembered for a while... ****


Mommy: *broken hearted and a little bit pissed off for the mean words coming from my son's mouth!!* Please stop yelling at me first of all. Second of all, I love you and even though I'm not a good mom, you are still going to school so lets get your shoes and coat on. And, you are my favorite son, so please stop being so mean.

Trevor: *still grumpy, but calming down some* Mommy, Stop saying that! I'm mad at you!!!

I get him and the girls all bundled up and out the door we go.
I buckle them all in, and we are off... no one is really saying much.
We get to the school...

Mommy: Here we are. Trevor say goodbye to the girls.

Trevor: Bye girls, Trevor will be home soon, he is only going to school. Okay babies? I'll be back soon.

Mommy: *as I take him out of the truck and put his book bag on him* Have a great day. I'll see you in a little bit to pick you up. *we start to walk into the school ~ I only walk him in the door, while the truck is right outside the door, I don't leave the girls in the parking lot or anything, I can see the truck the entire time*

Trevor: *walking right along pretty happy* Alright, I'm going to have a green day!

Mommy: Okay, try your best, and have fun. I'll see you later and then you can show me your pictures that you took today. I love you! *kiss him goodbye*

Trevor: *kisses me back* I love you too Mommy! Have a good day. *walks down hallway like a big boy and goes into classroom*

Gotta love em'! :)


frangela said...

Ahhh, the drama! Silly kids!

Allie Bear said...

A while back Nicholas was sick for 5 days straight and he got to stay home and watch movies all day and now he thinks that staying home is fun. Some mornings there is much threatening in this house to get him to school. He always is glad he went when I pick him up but he hates waking up early and I'm pretty sure that is part of the attitude I get.

Misty said...

Oh my. The roller coaster ride of having children and trying to calm AND sane.... and I thought I was the only one. (wink).

HRH said...

That is classic. They are so frustrating that you want to strangle them and then they turn on a dime to the sweetest ever...

just jamie said...

Must be in the air. My kids have been "testing" my reaction with the "Then I don't love you anymore," comment. I just smile and say, "I know that's not true honey." It sort of takes the wind out of it for them.

Annie said...

Phew! I'm exhausted just reading that!! I don't know how you do it for real!

clickmom said...

He only meant it the first time. When they say the nice things they mean it, when they get nasty they are trying to get something. I nipped that one in the bud by telling them that I was the best mother ever, and that were just upset because they can't get what they want. Then I told them to say "But I really want...." instead. Try it, worked like a charm for mine.

Crystal said...

Kids sure do know how to test your patience don't they? Bout breaks your heart sometimes too. I don't know how many times the kids say mean things to me to get what they want. It's that line their toeing so don't back down and stick to your guns little momma. Yer doin just fine;o) Your a GREAT momma who loves her babies!!! It's hard as hell sometimes being a mom but I wouldn't trade it for the world!! Good post! He'll learn he can't push you like that and he'll stop saying stuff like that...if not, there's always a good bar of soap in the bathroom to scare him with!lol! I use to threaten to wash their mouths out ALL the time!!!

LaskiGal said...

Oh the ebb and flow of childhood . . .

You are such a pro!

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~