Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Shopping Saturday!

We went shopping today. Yay!! I love shopping. Yes, even with a man and three small children. ;) I take what I can get. :) lol
Anyway... we went off in search of some Easter presents, and also a birthday present for my nephew, since his party is Sunday. :) (I'm late on getting a gift, but at least I'm not too late) ;) Anyway... it was like shoppers paradise, I only wish I had a little more time in the stores and a little less fussing from the kids... well mostly Brooke & Lauren some, Trevor was being really a good little shopper! :) He was actually riding in the stroller while the girls were running a muck... um... I mean running around behind me every where I went in the stores. :) lol
Old Navy had some awesome sales, we got Trevor a shirt in there and the girls each two sweaters for next year, and some tights too!! :) I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the prices marked down so low! You can't pass that up.
In The Children's Place I got Trevor some new pants for Spring and also because it seems that NO pants can stand up to the wrath of a 4 year old little boy! I think it is all the Matchbox & Hotwheels races and not to mention the Motocross events he holds daily all over the house, that does the knees on his pants in. :) We had pants that only lasted like 4-5 wearing before getting the dreaded shredded knee syndrome. But that is how I know he is playing hard, being a boy and enjoying his time thoroughly! :) Plus I might cut some of these up for play shorts for Summer. ;)
Anyway... in TCP, I got him pants, and then I got him this GREAT hoodie, zip-up sweatshirt, that will be perfect for Spring, cool Summer nights and then to start Fall with... and best of all it is his FAVORITE color GREEN and I also got it on sale for $5.00 off. :) I love sweatshirts, I love them for me they are so comfy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them on my kids... they look so cute, I know they are comfy and warm but not too hot and they are just the best... Bryan has a lot of hoodie sweatshirts too. We are the sweatshirt family, I guess. :)
Then on our way to H&M to find Trevor some more pants for school we stopped in Target... there I scored the deal of all deals. Okay, maybe not as good as the Old Navy deals, but I got more stuff and I got things for Spring & Summer!! Go me!! The only bummer is that I only got for the girls in Target. But, it is a little harder to find good deals on things when you have to buy two of everything, so it will be easier for me to shop for Trev later on. :) In Target, we got 5 shirts for each of the girls ~ short sleeve and really cute for Summer and then 2 pair of shorts each... one denim one khaki ~ very cute as well, 1 zip up hoodie, really cute and will look cute with all the shirts we got them... and I think that is all... besides some other stuff we bought for Easter and birthday gifts. :) But we made out well. ;) We never made it to H&M we were out of room for carrying shopping bags and kids at this point and none of them had naps which was EXTREMELY apparent in the girls behavior so we just headed to the truck. :) It was a good day. I want to get back down to the mall soon and see what else I can scavenge up for them... I love when I can get stuff for the next season at totally ridiculous prices. Makes me all tingly inside. :) Like the deal I got in Old Navy, I got the girls each two hoodie knit sweaters, with 4 buttons by the neck and a front pocket on it, size 4T, originally $20.00 on sale for ......................... are you ready for this........................ drum roll please...................................................... $2.99 each. WOW!! You cannot beat that. I would have bought more than four, but that was all they had in their size, but at least I was able to get two sweaters each for them!! ; ) The girl that worked there said they may have more they will be putting out so I might have to check back in really soon!! ;)
So that is the scoop for Spring Shopping Saturday! I'll keep ya'll posted on any other great finds I get! I have to check out Baby/Kids Gap too because they usually have some awesome deals too!! ;)


Ecky said...

Wooohooo... I always love shopping :)

Brittany said...

Oh, the joys of shopping! I have to be in the mood for shopping, but when I get the bug I almost can't stop.

Great job finding the deals....I need some help in that department lol!

HRH said...

Amazing. I know very well that no pant can withstand a boy. ugh!

Crystal said...

Just wanted to come say hi and that i'll be back a little later. Sam's been up since early this morning sick...I'll be back to read and comment on your weekend! I'll be back and Happy St Patricks Day;o)

Allie Bear said...

I love Old Navy and Gap, I just got back from Old Navy and got me some shirts and nightgowns really cheap. I'm waiting to hit up Gap till Wednesday because I get triple rewards the 19th-23rd, I love my gap card, I get a free $20 every month just for shopping like normal. Gap Rocks!!

OHmommy said...

Yea!!! I puffy heart shopping and wish WISH we had an H&M for kids.

Lucky you!

frangela said...

What great deals! It just makes you feel so good!

We did some spring shopping this weekend, too! The toddler is growing out of his 12 month clothing and was desperately needing some shorts and short sleeved shirts. The weather is quickly warming up fast down here! Ugh, summer heat! I know you feel the exact opposite right now!

Crystal said...

Oh girl, I love Old Navy and we ALWAYS get t-shirts from there everytime we go! They always have good deals too. And I can't even imagine how many thousands of dollars I spent at The Childrens Place!! My son is just as bad as Trevor with the holes in the pants...And then when he gets bored or watching tv his finger always finds the hole and the hole GROWS...And don't get me started on Target...I use to LIVE in that store!!! THE BEST DEALS!!!! I still buy some of Williams clothes there. Sam has moved up from Target to the shops in our local mall...Congrats on all the good deals you got and it sounded like you even had fun while doing it! Have a good evening sweet, Sam wanted me to tell you thank you for all the sweet and warm wishes you sent her way;o) Have a good evening!

Sandy C. said...

LOL! I think you and I shop at the same places!!! Old NAvy and TCP have awesome deals when things go on clearance :) And Tar'get too, lol. The entire time I was reading I kept saying..."I hope she got something for herself!" GIRL...I LOVE H &M! If only I were young, hot and had someplace to go, I'd love to wear their stuff all the time :)

So glad the shopping was a success!
And thanks so much for showing your support today after all the "d.r.a.m.a" ;)

LaskiGal said...

I'm so jealous. We have one mall. No H&M. No Target. No Baby Gap. At least we have an Old Navy!

jenn said...

I have been trying for a few days to stop by, but it's been crazy around here.

I love finding good deals. I efuse to pay full price for anything, even groceries. If it's not on sale, I just leave it behind!

So, where in NY are you exactly? I grew up on long island, and moved south when I was 22. I met my hubby here, and I can't imagine raising my kids anywhere else. It was a BIG change at first, but I'm so glad I moved. There is nothing like southern hospitality!

And don't you just love crystal? She has the biggest heart, and is such an inspiration.

Have a great tuesday!

Crystal said...

Good morning sweet! I'm hurrying and coming to see everyone before the weather turns nasty. I need to watch the weather for this morning but just had to pop over and see if you were up yet. I'll try back when I can;o) Have a wonderful day!

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~