Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things that SUCK!!!
  1. Today is the first day of Spring.. yeah right!! It snowed/flurried all day long!!
  2. it was cold and windy today.
  3. our truck has a nail in the tire!
  4. the tire will probably go flat when we drive it any where.
  5. we need to/have to get 4 new tires for the truck.
  6. our house is acting up.
  7. our toilet, shower, and sinks are all backed up.
  8. we think we need something done to our septic tank! YUCK!!
  9. Zoe pooped in her cage, it was all over her, her blankets and her pillow! Yuckity Yuck Yuck!
  10. I'm still stuffed up and not feeling 100%!
  11. Bryan's grandfather made it through the heart surgery did GREAT... it was yesterday! They replaced 3 valves in his heart and closed him up, happy with the surgery. What they thought was a blood clot is nothing to be concerned about. Thank God!! He woke up this morning on his own and they took him off all the breathing stuff, he did fine.. and is breathing wonderfully on his own!! He has a superbug, one that is totally resistant to all and ANY antibiotics and/or medications. The CDC is there, they are "studying" him. They have no idea how long he will live, if he can beat this or not.
  12. the "superbug" is in his bladder and urine.
  13. if the "superbug" goes to his heart he will die immediately!!!

WTF???????????? makes it through surgery fine... then gets some shit that hardly anyone has ever had, they have no effing clue where it comes from and it is freakin' invincible to everything known to man... GREAT. I swear just when you see the damn silver lining you get struck with effing lightening and die anyway...

although i'm obnoxious, grumpy and sick of bad news, and just feel like saying EFF it! this isn't my life and I can't really feel that way for Bryan's grandfather... I want for him to get better and be able to come home... that is all the man wants is to be able to go home. he has been in the hospital for 9 effing weeks. he thinks he will die there, and by the looks of the shitty ass things, he might... how effing horrible and heartbreaking is that??? dammit.

so since tomorrow is Good Friday I'm really hoping and praying, practically begging that something GOOD will come from it and that Bryan's grandfather will have some miracle that will make him all better and HEALTHY! That the superbug will just die and go away.

Please keep Bryan and his grandfather in your thoughts and prayers. thank you.

(sorry for being so bitchy)


Allie Bear said...

I am so sorry about Bryan's grandfather, I really hope he pulls through. As for all the other shitty stuff on your list, have a drink, turn on some music and pretend it never happened. Denial is awesome!

jenn said...

I hate hearing all that. I will be praying for him, and your family.


Crystal said...

((((((HUGS))))))) This too shall pass..Love you sweet.

Sandy C. said...

Oh Jenn, I am so sad to hear about Bryan's grandfather. I'm guessing he has something like VRE or some resistant infection that they're keeping him in isolation for. I will keep him in my thoughts and hope he pulls through. Big *hugs* to you and your family.

Feel free to write if you want to vent. Hang in there...

just jamie said...

Oh Man. I'll be thinking of Bryan's grandfather. Hope he comes home soon.

Crystal said...

Hey Miz Jennifer, I changed my URL site name. Its

I noticed that Google engine hits on me WAY too much and just to protect my site I made it a little more difficult to do. Anyone can just type in my name and it pulls up. For people like the EX husband i'd rather not make it so easy. Just change it in your links section and it should change it. Hope your having a good day;o)

clickmom said...

damn. I was so hoping you had only good news. Bryan's granddad is in my prayers, Stay strong.

Nina said...

I am so sorry. I hope and pray that things improve.

HRH said...

Oh so sorry. Prayers sent.

Crystal said...

Hey sweet, I was missing you and thought i'd jump over to say hello and I hope everything is okay with you;) HUGS and LOTS of love!

Ecky said...

Hi Jen,

I'm sorry for what happened with Bryan's grandfather, hope God answers your pray.

Hang in there girl.

Big hugs

Sandy C. said...

Just checking in to send a *hug*. Hope all is well with you and your family.

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~