Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wordful Wednesday!!

Wordful Wednesday!

No! This isn't something new!

This is simply my last resort for a post today since Blogger won't allow me

to add any pictures right now. It just keeps saying they are loading

and loading, and loading, and loading, and well you get the point.

I'm a little bit annoyed, only b/c then I could have just

slapped the pictures up here and walked away.

Not that I really feel like doing ANY of the things that need to be done around here...

but I would have found something to do.

Now, here I sit trying to quickly fill this blank white space. White, b/c I'm typing,

when you view it, it won't be white... but you know what I'm talking about.

Today I miticulously cleaned Brooke & Lauren's bedroom again... I even

did the closet today. I had just had enough of only being able to walk into their bedroom

if you first rented a backhoe then shoveled and dug a path through the room.

It came out looking great, if I may say so myself... and I may, b/c its my blog. ha!!

just kidding.

But, it did come out looking good. I love when the kids bedrooms are all clean and

organized. :) The girls' bedroom is still pretty easy to keep under control, they have

the bins in there that allow me to quickly sort things out and toss them in the bins.

Trevor's room is a little bit harder, only because he has a LOT more

little parts and peices and less organizing things. He has a set of bins too, but he also has

two toy bins that just seem to get shoved full of crap to just get it all picked up and put away.

Tomorrow I'll get to his room... maybe.

So this is really boring... let me see what other info I have here in my little head.

hmmmm... well.

Well lets see... this morning it was POURING out... I mean like no one's business!! So I was feeling sort of lazy about getting Trevor up anyway... and I was sooo dreading taking him out in the POURING down rain to catch the bus. Plus, I have been taking the girls in the afternoon to pick Trev up from school, it makes him so happy to be picked up, so I was dreading that too.

So I just kept him home today. He came in my room this morning after Bryan left for work and

crawled up in my bed with me, which I LOVE to snuggle with my baby! And he put on some

cartoons and chilled with me for a little while.

I was tired as hell, I've been sleeping in the chair and on the couch since I've had a cold,

so I haven't really been sleeping that well, between the cold and also with the other noises from the sugar gliders and Zoe snoring and the rain on the roof and just not being in my bed,

so I laid there and just enjoyed a moment with my boy!!

As we were laying there, he was talking to me...

"So, Mommy, Grandpa Drew was happy the other day." ~ he went with is his Dad on Saturday to a few things and one of the things they did was go to see Bryan's grandfather.

So I said to him... "he was probably really happy b/c he got to see YOU! I know it always makes me happy to see YOU!"

So then he says to me... "Are you feeling happy now?"

And I said... "Of course I'm feeling happy now. I'm getting to relax a little bit and I get my sweet little boy right next to my side watching cartoons with me!"

then Trevor says.... "Are you feeling better from being sick?"

I say... "yeah. everyday I feel better. soon I'll be back to normal."

Trevor says... "Oh good, b/c I don't want you to go to stay where Grandpa Drew is staying."

I say... "Well Mommy only had a cold, I don't really think I would have to go stay at the hospital for a cold."


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