Monday, June 30, 2008

No clever thought...

No clever thought came to me while trying to think of a title for this post. oh well.

My mom just got done meeting with the surgeon, she has her gallbladder surgery on Thursday at 8 AM... and will be home some time that same afternoon. We are all nervous about it... I know this is an everyday surgery for the doctors, nurses and staff, but for us this is far from everyday life. But, this will definitely make her feel better, she has been suffering through horrible pain for over a year now... she is pretty tough about it too, I must say. :)

On another note... we have been slammed with being busy as hell again this weekend... which is great... b/c I like to keep as busy as can be in the Summer! We only have a few months of wonderful weather... although we do have Spring and Fall, it just seems that those aren't as fun to do all the "summer-type" things. :)

I'll do a quick re-cap of last week since I didn't post at all... I just couldn't find anything as funny or clever to post about as a follow up to my "I lost Brooke" post... which I'm still chuckling about in my head. :)



Monday what the hell happened on Monday?? I cannot for the life of me remember. oh well. maybe nothing happened on Monday... or maybe something... it's not coming to me.


Dang it... oh yeah... Tuesday the truck took a crap. It was acting like it was going to stall out AND the service engine SOON light was on... so after I took Trevor to school I came home and parked it... and had to call the school to ask them to please put Trevor on the bus b/c I didn't know what was wrong with it and didn't want to take a chance driving it any where else.


**** Trevor's pre-school graduation! :) Bitter sweet... I'm glad he is moving on and growing up... but it was a little sad to think that he will be starting the first year of the next 13 of his academic career in public school. It was really cute. Bryan was able to come home from work to drive us, since the truck was acting up... so we all went together. They sang two really cute songs, one about I've Been Learning Lots In Pre-school ... and also See You Later Alligator... and they got diploma's and also class awards. :) Last year Trevor got an award for "The Biggest Heart"... just about brought me to tears. :) (okay it did bring me to tears, but I pulled it together quickly) This year... he got an award for "Class Clown"... lol both are very suitable for him. :) I just wonder where he gets being a class clown from?? lol (Bryan and I both are pretty funny) It was a small ceremony in their classroom, but very sweet and well done. His teacher said a few words, and also sent home a really nice letter about enjoying having our children in her class, and the principal said a few words as well, very nice and touching... and what is great is although we are saying goodbye to pre-school, we will be in the same school for kindergarten through 5th grade so we can still keep in touch with the teachers. ;)

Then on Wednesday night... Bryan took the truck to town to meet my dad and also leave it at the mechanic's... Then my Dad, my nephew Matthew, Bryan and Trevor all went to another Renegades baseball game! They had a good time. :) But got home late, so I kept Trevor home from school, it was only half a day and I had no truck so he would have spent almost as much time on the bus as he did in school... not fun.


The kids and I just hung out all day ong... and didn't really do much of anything. Bryan found out the truck was fixed... it was only a spark plug... or wire, not sure which one... the cheaper of the two.

He brought the truck home and was going to go to work... extra work he picked up from some place... which is good... extra money and he kind of enjoys doing it. :)

But instead he took all of us to the Family Fun Zone and the kids and him did the WebCity play thing... I took pictures. I was going to go in... but then I don't get the good shots. :) lol Then we all did some bumper cars... Brooke rode with me, Lauren rode with Bryan and Trevor is big enough to go alone... we had a blast!! We were the only ones doing bummer cars... which are really bummer tubes! it is motorized and fast but they have this big rummber inner tube around them so the bumb is really bouncy and fun and less slammin' and hard. :) There aren't any pictures of this b/c I was riding too... but it would have made for some great photos... everyone was smiling and laughing the whole time. :)

Then we walked over to McDonald's and ate some dinner... then went over to K-Mart... and then off to Wal-Mart... we got a few things and one of them was the BEST thing ever... well as far as Trevor was concerned... we got the Spiderwick Cronicles movie. :) He is watching now for the 4th time. :) It is over cast and looking like it is going to rain at any minute that is why we are all in the house and they are watching a movie. ;)


Friday was Trevor's last day of school... I drove him in... and we had gifts for all three of his teachers... well his teacher and her two assistants.


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