Wednesday, July 30, 2008

27 Dresses

Yep. I was thinking about it... always a bridesmaid... that sort of thing.
My younger brother is getting married, and his fiance, Elizabeth (not the blog Elizabeth that I just added on my blog roll that you should all go check out anyway... I will post about that later, but a different one) asked me to be in the bridal party. I'm honored. I always think it is such a big deal to be asked to be part of someone's special day with them. :)
So just now I was thinking about the dress and all that... which she bought for me by the way. I know. I know... how very nice. :) And it is a beautiful dress, light pink with really nice bead work on it... and it fits me almost perfect... I may need it taken in a tiny bit and have it taken up a little bit too... But while I was thinking of all this... I thought about all the weddings I have been in.
~I was in my cousin, Audrey, who lives in TX now, her wedding when I was young, like 12 or so.
~I was going to be in her second wedding, in TX, but we had a family crisis and wasn't able to go, but I still had the dress.
~ I was in my ex-boyfriends sister's wedding, although he wasn't my ex a the time...
~ I was in my older brother's wedding, I stood up for him though.. so I guess I was a groom's girl. ;) It was very cool.
~ I was in my own wedding!! lol duh! Of course I was.
~ I was in who else's wedding was I in. I know there has been more.... dammit why can't I think. Well anyway... now I'm going to be in this wedding also... and I think there are about 4 more I would be asked to be in... not being conceited, I'm just sayin'. :)
OH yeah... when my younger brother was going to marry this other girl... long LONG long story that isn't my place to share it... I was going to be in that wedding as well, and I had the dress for it too. :)
Maybe that is all... okay. So I lied about the 27 dresses... so sue me. But it feels like it has been 27 times. lol
Okay... for some reason my children think I should feed them lunch before they have a nap today... what are they thinkin? So... I guess I should get going and post some more later.


Heather said...

And hopefully "one to come" soon. You will be one of the first to know. LOL!!! ONE DAY.

LceeL said...

Well, let's see. It after 9 pm and you haven't posted any more so I guess you're not going to. And, apparently, heather is going to make you up your lie to 28.

Sandy C. said...

Perfect! So what size are you? Doesn't matter. If I ever need a dress, I'm heading to your place. LOL! :)

Congratulations to your Brother and Elizabeth!

Stephanie said...

Besides my own, I was flower girl in my aunts (She was my mom's flower girl and her daughter was mine) and I handed Jason & Rosy the rings in their wedding, they don't do bridesmaids or groomsmen in Mexico. I didn't like being in front of so many people though.

Elizabeth said...

I was in a lot too and also was a flower girl in my dad's 2nd wedding. I had the most fun in yours tho!!! So I guess we have to look at it this way....we have many GREAT friends!!
love ya

Oh yeah Jenn...HELP, I have no clue on how the get "friends" on the side of my blog?!?!? Last night I was trying but I don't know if it was my computer or what.

Crystal said...

Your cousin lives in TEXAS you said?!?!?!?! Me thinks you need to take a road trip this way!!!!!!!!

Angie said...

I've only been a bridesmaid once and it was the most HORRID dress EVER. I hope never to be asked again. I love going to weddings as a guest only. :-)

BTW, I saw your post that started "sometimes..." and I just wanted to say that I'm right there with ya sista. Keep your chin up. We all have days like that.

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~