Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Taylor Swift & Rascal Flatts

Here are some pictures from the Taylor Swift & Rascal Flatts concert @ Bethel Woods on Sunday night... I have more, but haven't gotten around to editing them... when I have them ready I'll post them too.

First picture if Jillian and then Heather and then the last is me, Heather and Jilly!! :)


Sandy C. said...

What a great time! I love that you're all on a blanket on some grass :) That is the best way to watch a show.

I'm lovin' your photo editing as well with all the edging and features, very nice :)

You all look like a great group of gals! That last one of all 3 of you is fabulous!

Kellan said...

Great pictures! I'll bet that was a great concert - I'd have loved to have gone!

Take care - Kellan

Jennifer said...


thanks for the compliments! :) we had a great time. I think that lawn seats are the best too. you can stretch out and be comfy and you can also move around and get up to dance and sing. :)

we had a blast, I do have some more pics. I have to get them up.

Kellan ~ It was awesome!! The lights and stage for Rascal Flatts was almost as amazing as their songs. :) Next time I'll give ya a call you are more than welcome to join us!! ;)


Allie Bear said...

Cute pics, I bet you guys had fun.

Heather said...

AAAHHHH!!!the fun times. That was such a fun night. I really had a wonderful time with you guys. Love you lots. A more girls nights!!!

Stephanie said...

Lilly would definatly be envious, she loves Taylor Swift. I wouldn't mind seeing any of them either. ;)

Angie said...

Cute pics! I have glasses JUST LIKE YOURS! Great minds think alike. LOL!

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