Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hi everyone. i'm here i'm good. just busy. we are in the CRAZY market of looking for a house. although we have been thinking, talking and sort of looking we are officially in the market now. we even have a real life real estate agent. we also have been in touch with a mortgage broker and are heavily considering all of our options and how much money they suck out of you to buy a house.

we are renters. we are happy in our house, for the most part. we do happen to have one the best landlords on the face of the earth... it doesn't even feel like we rent... b/c we do whatever we want to the house, they never come bother us, we treat this house just like our own, and really do take good care of it. but it just too small. it is three bedrooms and two baths, a dining room and living room, but it about 1100 square feet and i'm looking for something that is double that. may sound greedy, but seriously with three small children with a lot of clothes and TOYS we need more room. Plus bryan and i both have hobbies that include some stuff that we don't have room for either. he likes to make flies for fishing and he is an avid fisherman and hunter and he also like to mountain bike ride, and paintball and ugh.. too many to list... but he has a bunch of stuff he needs to have room for. i stamp and would love to have room to be able to do this at my house. for now all my stuff is over at my parents house. thankfully my mom was generous enough to let me put all my stuff with all her stuff. :) But i think i would use it more often if it was set up in a place in my house. we'll see. these aren't even first priorities... our first priority is to have room for our kids and their stuff... eventually we would like to have it so that Lauren and Brooke can even have their own bedrooms. although there are kids that never have their own bedrooms we would like this for them. i think everyone needs their very own space... girls or not... twins or not... they will want to be to themselves some times. it is only right to let them have a private area that is just that... private and all theirs. Trevor loves his room and wouldn't ever want to have to share with someone... although some days he does wish he had a brother... in addition to the girls... not that he wishes they weren't girls. :) He is so cute....

but i'm getting off topic... so right now my mind has been on a million and five things... or maybe a million six... anyway... you get it. i'm trying to find some places to look at, although we have a place in mind. i'm trying to imagine things we can do to that place to make it ours and what we really want... i'm trying to think of ways to save money now so that we can put money down and all that... i'm also planning ahead and thinking that i should start packing. but that is all just me... i love to pack... i love to pack for anything really... YES! even camping that i put off till the day we are leaving... i do enjoy it... i just always over pack... so for packing to MOVE it will be super easy for me... i get to pack EVERYTHING and it isn't going to be a problem. although in reality we aren't going to pack everything b/c we need to weed out things... toys, clothes, junk, garbage... so that will be fun too!! when we moved before we had kids, into the house we are in now... i packed for at least a month in advance from our old house... and it was just bry and me... i can't imagine how much it will take this time to move... we have a lot more stuff... and we have kids now too that have a lot of stuff... i'm thinking the sooner the better with packing... plus packing will keep my mind on moving and keep me motivated to want to stay home and save money and not feel totally stuck in the house. plus the kids can help with packing too... it will give them something to do and really make them feel part of everything... plus it might make the move easier if they are part of it every step of the way... and excited about it. i think they will be okay with moving anyway... but you never know.

so this is all a bunch of rambling... sorry. just thought i'd let you all know why i have been MIA and neglecting you all... i'm very sorry. please forgive me. (i'm begging here) but i will try to come around later today to visit you all. :)

for now i've got to go... got some things to do. :)


Rhea said...

We're renting currently too, but we may end up buying the house we're renting. I love it.

When we first moved here, we didn't want to commit to buy until we knew the area and knew where we wanted to live, etc.

jenn said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited for you! Is the house you're looking for near where you are now? I had my hopes up you'd come closer to! I know what you mean about kids needeing their own space. That was one of my concerns when we moved here, that the kids went from having their own rooms to sharing. But I can honestly say that NOW they spend more time in their room. before, they were always under my feet, wanting to be together. I think they prefer the closeness now. In a few years...we'll see! Ryan will be, gulp, 13 in november. I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday they ripped him from my uncooperative uterus...I'm rambling now! sorry! lol! I'm glad no one else got sick. And that the kiddos who were sick are feeling better!

Okay, I'm done. I think. Have a wonderful day!!!! love ya!!!

Stephanie said...

I would so love to buy a house. I love just the house hunting part of it. (I wish I could walk through everyone's house anytime I wanted, I just like to see how people live.) We just can't now, we never know when we are going to have to move. I don't want to be stuck with a house I can't pay for or get rid of. We are thinking when/if Kale becomes an officer we may buy a house then, but it still scares me.

I wondered where you had been, I missed hearing from you.

Hope you find something you love in a decent amount of time. :)

LceeL said...

I miss your comments. A lot. Your long, rambling comments. Which I love. And I miss. Because they have a tendency to just kind of ramble on, you know. And I think that's charming - the way your comments ramble - and it's something I wish I could feel comfortable doing - you know - but I try to keep my comments short and sweet - well, not ALWAYS sweet, sometimes the Dirty Old Man just kinda jumps out at you and it's like 'Ooops. Did I say that?' - you know - channelling Urkel.

But do hurry back, okay. Because, like I said, I miss you.

Heather said...

Im so excited!!! I hope you find something big so we can move in too. LOL. I am just kidding, you know when you start packing you can call me to help, i dont mind. love you. xoxo

Angela said...

Ooooo! Exciting times! We own but we too go back and forth about getting more space. We're at about 1600 sq ft but little closet and storage space. We've been busy trying to clean out closets and such of "junk" we don't need any more. It's tough b/c I am part pack rat and part clean freak. Anyhow, I love house adventures! Best of luck!

Pregnantly Plump said...

That's great about the move! I hope you find the perfect house. We can't afford to buy in the area where we live (unbelievably expensive!) and our house is also pretty small.
Good luck!

Sandy C. said...

I am so excited for you all!!! This is a HUGE step and I am so glad you are taking the time to think this all through. You can always blog about it later :)

The market is perfect now to jump in as a buyer. I think something over 2000 SF isn't greedy at all for a family of 5. I hope you all find the perfect place within your price range (always the trickiest part) soon! Keeping my fingers crossed for you all :)

CrystalChick said...

Happy house hunting. My daughter and fam are looking too. I love them lots but we have a small house and for going on 1 1/2 years we've been sharing it with them, so it's getting time for them to move on. I will miss my little grandson soooooo sooooo much though.
Happy weekend. :)

jenn said...

Just stopping by!!!!
Love ya!!!!

Angie's Spot said...

I don't blame ya for wanting separate rooms for all the kids. I was fortunate to have my own room growing up and thankfully, my kids have their own rooms, despite our small place. We're at around 1300 sq ft, but I would love to double that. I have dreams of having a dining room and my own craft room someday. I love to entertain and this house just isn't conducive for that.

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~