Saturday, September 13, 2008

Woo HOO!!!

SO ..............

we have been approved for a mortgage!! Yay!! and just on Bryan's salary alone. this is pretty impressive to me! although I knew he was a good provider for our family... it is hard to get approved for a mortgage, especially for the cost of homes around here. NY is getting ridiculous to buy a home in.... well not necessarily getting... it has been... and it seems to be getting worse.

that being said... I think we are going to try to purchase a home here in great ole' NY. yay. that i'm not the happiest about, but not that I hate it. I've lived here all my life... so this is what I know. this is where I'm comfortable and my family and friends are... so this will work. we have weighed the options of moving away to another state... about 9 hrs away to be exact... but we just can't do it right now. it just seems to stress us out way too much. this move alone will stress us out plenty but at least we will be surrounded by friends and family that will support us and help us in any way they can. :)

i'm anxious but not trying at all to get my hopes up, or to look to the future too much. just stay in the present and see what happens with that.

we are going to go preview the inside of the house in person on Thursday sometime, that is when our real estate agent is back from vacation, then we can take it from there. baby steps... as Jenn says. :)

speaking of Jenn... you have to go to my BUTTON for her over there on the right side of the screen, it has a globe, saying My Kids are My World... click it and read what she posted for today... it is perfect. :)

I might post it later on today or at some point... but you should definitely go read it over there on her blog.

i'll try to be back with some updates as we figure things out and work through this real estate thing...


jenn said...

I wish you were moving 9 hours away....that's closer to me! But I'm so excited that you're approved. That's wonderful! Now all that money you pay in rent can go towards something that is ALL YOURS!!!! Just be warned that the next time we head up north, I'm knocking on your door! (it's only been 5 years since I've last been up there, and will probably be another 5 before I get back there! lol)

Happy house hunting!!!!!

jenn said...

My mom was up north two weeks ago, and her and my sisters went to the bronx zoo. My mom said it was ridiculously expensive, and that half the exhibits weren't included in the admission had to pay more money at each one! She said it was crazy how much money they spent. She did say the have free days, where EVERYTHING, even admission, is free, but you can not walk on those days it is so crowded. I love the zoo we have here. It's about 90 minutes away, but worth the drive.

Come visit me, and we'll go! lol!
Love ya!!!!

Angie's Spot said...

Congratulations!! Home buying is such an exciting time. I'm completely OVER the house that we're currently in, but there are things that need to be done before we can even consider selling it. Of course, I'm now emotionally attached to the property since it's where we brought our kids home to when they were born, but that's a whole other story. Good luck with the house hunting!

Pregnantly Plump said...

That's great about the mortgage!! Yay for you guys!
As someone who lives hours away from her family and friends, I will admit that I miss them and wish they were here to help out and just be near us. I understand wanting to explore other areas, though.
Good luck with the house!

LceeL said...

That's GREAT about your mortgage. Congratulations. happy house hunting.

jenn said...

Come over and play...I tagged you!

Heather said...

yay, you guys got approved? that is great! i am so happy for you guys and cant wait until you move. you will all be so much happier and i cant wait to help!!!

I found a house for you on wolf lake rd.-its diagonal from my grandparents house. LOL!!! then I can stalk you.


Sandy C. said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful news and a HUGE piece of the puzzle. I wish you all the best in your house hunting. So sorry I've been in and out of the blogosphere. Family is still here and I miss reading your updates! The dust should settle here soon...I hope :)

Can't wait to hear more on the house hunt!

Stephanie said...

Congrats on the approval! Moving is stressful and I have to do it about every three years on average :P As an adult alone I have moved in and out of my parents house twice, once from here to KY, from KY to MA, and from MA to here. I am lucky that Kale handles most of the move, I just have to deal with the children. I am not sure who gets the better end of that bargain. :P

Goodluck looking for places, it will be fun I am sure. I love to house hunt.

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