Sunday, September 21, 2008

Horse Shit!

Yes, I did just say horse shit.

You know why??

well because my camera took a crap today. It passed away. It DIED!! Dammit. I loved that thing. like really really really truly deeply madly loved that darn 'ol camera!!

i woke up this morning and found my girls sitting in the living room and Brooke immediately says to me... "Mommy, I'm sorry I played with your camera"


So was thinking... great. now all the pics are probably erased or something like that. let me see what the hell she did to it... this time!

I take the camera and try to turn it on... ONLY i can't turn it on .... it says...


only you can't restart the camera... it just keeps doing the same thing every time you try.

I tried taking the battery out and putting it back in... thinking this would, uh... I don't really know what I thought it would do... but I was just hoping it would help... but it didn't.

So I was going to post pictures of Trevor's party from yesterday and also put them on my computer and all that... but now that my camera is completely useless I won't be doing that.

SO instead... I wanted to know what you all take your pictures with.

What make and model # and all that.

Do you like your camera?? Do you LOVE your camera???

How old is it?? How much was it?? (IF you don't mind me asking)

What camera do you REALLY want and hope to have one day? ... IF it isn't the one you already have.

I have always had Canon cameras... this is the ONE that I loved...

it was a Canon Power Shot SD630 Digital Elph

it isn't the best camera out there, or the most expensive or anything like that... but it was perfect for me... it had a ton of options for photo taking that worked beautifully for me... like : Kid & Pet mode... so no matter how wiggly or how much movement I could still capture the perfect picture of my kids and even of Zoe. It also had a mode were it would continuously take pictures... one right after another... for as long as you held the button down... it was awesome!! I have some great pics from this feature... it looks like an old movie when you go to review them. :)

It also has a HUGE screen on it... and it zooms pretty far... it is just awesome!! I could get the newer model of the one that I had... it is a few years old now... BUT instead I wanted to do some research.

So if you want to share your digital camera secrets here is the place!! :)


jenn said...

I still use a sony cyber shot that is a million years old! A new camera is on my wish list for our tax return next year. I love to go looking at all the newer ones, with all the fancy features. Let me know which one you get!

jenn said...

I tagged you ~ AGAIN!!!!

This Guy said...

You might be in luck!! Your lense might be stuck, try to push your lense with your finger, see if it moves... ALSO leave your batteries out of your camera for 24+ hours, that makes it "hard reset" usually takes care of all sorts of problems!! try those, just might work for you!! (I used to work for HP)

I have a Canon Powershot S2IS, its a great camera, but its time for an upgrade for me! ;)

I hope your camera lives! Try some CPR.... (If that doesnt work tho, seriously, lightly drop it a couple of times, i know it sounds wierd, but it has worked for a few of mine, plus my ipod - hey its broke anyways! :P) Just dont drop it hard enough to crack the lense ;)

Stephanie said...

I have two cameras a big professional and my purse camera. My big one is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel I LOVE IT. But I didn't have to pay the $1200 for it, my parents gave it to me for Christmas. They are a little cheaper if you don't get both lenses like my dad did. Plus he bought a ton of accesories for it. I think the actual camera was $800.

My purse camera is an Olympus FE-340. It's 8 megapixel, 5x optical zoom. It was under $200. I knew I wanted at least 8mpx and 5x zoom and this was the cheapest one. I don't like digital cameras that use disposable batteries, so this was a good choice for me. I got mine through Dell when they were having a sale with interest free for 12mths.

Stephanie said...

I pushed shift on accident and it posted my comment before I finished :P

I just wanted to add I really like my purse camera too. It takes really good pictures and videos. I use it more often that my big one because being alone it's hard to push a stroller with a huge camera around your neck.

jenn said...

I totally had to beat the crap out of my ipod too! (then I just bought an mp3 that I love better!)

Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to hear it broke I know you can't live with out it just like me :) I really love the Sony one you guys got me. Its great and I bring it around every were.

Also I don't know this is a bad thing but Gavin knows how to take pictures. I showed him what button to push and while I hold it we take pics together :)

This Guy said...

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for the AMAZING comment on my blog!! I love your rambles! hehehe

Yeah, its like I've hit this point in my life where I'm not going to settle anymore. I sick of being depressed, it makes me sick, I realized that I just have to make different choices! It just starts with the choices you make, as soon as you jump out of bed.

What really helped is the choice to not react to others, which is not to say that I take shit from anyone, cause I don't hehehe and you shouldn't either. Never let anyone disrespect your personal temple! Some people may want to attack you personally, but we have to remember its their 'hang ups' not ours. Just let it go.

Start to meditate and do Yoga!! Find someone who works with Bach or Bush Flower Remedies in the area, EVEN if you just go to EBAY and get the "Rescue Remedy" it will help you so much, its only about 15$. It will change your life, and allow you to make the choices that you WISH you could make! =)

Good luck with your camera!! I hope it works! I'm sending lots of tech-healing energy your way!! ;)

Bret =)

Sandy C. said...

OH NO!!!! RIP digital camera :(

I actually have a Canon SD500 digital elph (it's old). It takes decent pics, but the zoom sucks and the flash turns everyone into Casper the friendly ghosts. Thank GOODNESS for iPhoto.

Angie's Spot said...

I have 2 Sony Cyber-shots, 1 that's 5 years old and the other is just over a year old. Those are the ones I carry with me at all times. They rock! My mack-daddy camera is my Nikon D50 Digital SLR and I would seriously grab it first in a fire before anything else. After my pets and kids of course. :-) Good luck with your camera woes. I would be lost without a camera.

jenn said...

Just checking in....sending some hugs....have you heard about the house yet????

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~