Tuesday, September 23, 2008


good morning.

Thank you all for the wonderful wishes for the house. We talked to our realtor yesterday and she has only been able to get in contact with the wife and proposed the deal to her, renting with option to buy, then two years buying it for the full asking price... which no one ever really offers full asking price for the first offer. But she hasn't been able to get in contact with the husband. She said they travel in separate circuits, not sure exactly how this work but we are just hoping she will be able to get in touch with him soon. We are on pins & needles and not sleeping well trying to wait this out. Not to mention all the plans and ideas that are circulating in our thoughts, although we are trying to not get too far ahead of ourselves.

they say all good things come to those that wait. right? that is how i'm trying to see this situation we talked to Sig about the house then had to wait about a week to see it... we liked it. then we made the offer and are waiting for her to propose it to the owners and i'm hoping since we have waited 3 days so far, with out knowing when we will hear from any of them, that this will have a good outcome.

for some reason i have really wonderful luck with things that i want working out in my favor. it is unreal. something always changes or bends or just goes exactly right in the universe so that things work out for me. i'm really thankful for this and hope that it will be the same way with this house. BUT at the same time things don't always go the way i want or plan or even calculate... and although it is sometimes set back and disappointing, to say the least, it is always for a reason. Some of the most major things in my life that have failed seem to have been for the BEST reasoning and made up more significant parts of my life. things and people that i couldn't imagine being absent in my life.

so although i'm trying to play it cool and think positively... i'm still dying to hear from Sig and see what the owners think of our proposal. as soon as i'm done either celebrating or being disappointed and trying to come up with another proposal for them, since we were approved for the mortgage and could still go that route, i will come post about it so you all can know what is going on.

ALSO!! Thank you all for the camera info. It seems as though my camera is really truly passed on. :( sad i know. i'm trying not to fret about it... and i'm also trying not to think of all the pictures i'm missing every. single. day.


i'm not sure what to do yet. i'm not sure where to shop first. i did some research with lead me to the Canon Rebel XSi... but wow!! that is pretty pricey and right now my finances need to be focused in other directions... a LOT of other directions. so i con't to search and see what you are all using. :) thanks for all the advice.


Elizabeth said...

I am crossing my fingers for you guys. I really hope you guys get this house. If you need anything just call.
Love ya

Sandy C. said...

Still no reply? Yikes! I hate that feeling of putting your emotions on hold. You're a bit in limbo. You just don't know which way to feel.
I really do hope you hear from them soon.

Crossing everything for you!

forgetfulone said...

Wishing you good luck with your house. I hope it works out. Sorry about your camera. I just use a Kodak Easy Share because I need a point-and-shoot kinda situation.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

LceeL said...

I have everything crossed that I can cross without giving myself a hernia.

jenn said...

I was gonna say I have EVERYTHING crossed, but dude up there beat me to it!!!! So....I have to come up with something clever....um.....I got nothin'! How about some hugs?

Love ya!!!!

Stephanie said...

Hopefully you will find out soon. I am not a patient person so I completely understand.

I do like my canon rebel, but they are pricey.

Angie's Spot said...

Thanks for the update! Still crossing my fingers for you guys.

This Guy said...

Good luck with the deals and negotiations with the house!! Hopefully the wife gets ahold of her hubby soon so you're not waiting too long!

It sounds to me like you are amazing with Manifestation things you want! ;) Just keep thinking good thoughts of the house, imagine soaking in the bathtub, and working in the gardens! ;)

Good things do come to those who wait, patience is a good thing to have!!

Hoping your camera feels better soon, although I'm starting to think it went on the "fritz" just so you could buy yourself a new shiny one! ;) hehehhe

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