Sunday, October 5, 2008


one HUNDRED fifty MORE posts to go to make it to the 365 posts this year. I know I haven't posted every day... so that is kind of breaking the rules for the 365 BUT I wanted to try to just post 365 times since I knew there would be times that I wouldn't be able to post.
BUT with needed 150 MORE posts... that means in the next THREE months I will have to post 50 times each month. I'm just not sure I can do that... and IF I could manage to post that many times would it be stuff worth reading. UGH!
So I might not make it to the 365 this year. AND I'm not certain that there will be a blog 365 again, I think that many people got burnt out... but we'll see.
I know I will have a lot of photos and stories to tell this month as we work on the house... then November we are going to be moving into the new house so that will pose some good pictures and stories as well, then December is HOLIDAY time so I'm sure I will have some pictures and posts for that month too, but 50 for each month?!?!?!? WOW!!
Anyway... I'm going to give it my best shot... and for this month I'm already down to only needing 49 more posts!! Yay!!
So if you come here and you see some nonsense post... it is just me trying to get to my personal goal of 365!! :)


jenn said...

jenn, you ALWAYS have lots to say. I'm sure you will have no problem getting all those posts in. I know you can do it!!!!!

Annie said...

You can do it!

I think I'm seriously the only person left in blog 365. But darn it, I've made it this far - I'm going to finish it out if it kills me!

LaskiGal said...

OK, I'm gonna give you some post ideas, k?

You already have the holidays, random stuff (which is always fun), funny things, the move . . .

So here are a few more . . .
1. Food (favorite/weird/disgusting food) Seriously, I once read a post about a woman who cleaned out her fridge. I was riveted by what she found . . . (what does that say about me--who knows.)
2. Give us a tour of your new home, neighborhood (all in pics, duh).
3. Favorite quotes of all time and WHY.
4. Most freaky/embarrassing/heart-breaking/hilarious moments.
5. Pet Peeves (these are always fun)
6. What you want/wanted to be when you grew up.
7. Your opinions (oh my, do it, be daring) on the current state of our . . . whatever you want :)
8. Favorite movies/music and why.
9. Stories from your childhood (I've been ridiculously reflective lately . . . )
10. Weird and wacky observations--in the news/life in general

11. Dig deep. Bare your soul. Explore your writing. Write from you gut . . . those posts would be AMAZING.

My comment might just be longer than your post. :)

LceeL said...

It's too bad your wonderful comments don't count as posts.

LceeL said...

It's too bad your wonderful comments don't count as posts.

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