Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aliens are here...

planets. Pictures, Images and Photos .... and they have taken over Brooke. She is so cranky and fussy today and any time I try to talk to her she just screams. I seriously cannot believe that three is worse than two for my kids. Both girls are acting out a lot more at three than they ever did during the terrible twos.
I should know this because of having Trevor first, but since I choose to only remember the good times and block out the temper tantrums, I do NOT ever remember him acting so defiant and being in a bad mood at the drop of a hat.
The mood swings with the girls really scare me, b/c I'm thinking this is what PMS will be when they are teens... and that alone scares the living daylights outta me. Can you imagine the three of us PMSing?? wow. Poor Bryan and Trevor.... and anyone else that may come in contact with us... LOL.
Well anyway my three little aliens are all quietly eating some cereal for breakfast so while they ae doing that I'm going to go sneak out the door, get in the truck, start it, slowly back out of the driveway and then hit the gas to get the hell outta here while they aren't paying attention get Trevor's clothes ready for school.
Hope you all have a great day. We are sure gonna try to have a good one here. Lot's more cleaning and packing going on today!! yay! yippee!!


LceeL said...

I wish I could help - but we had three boys and boys are different than girls - in more than just the obvious ways. Although boys are capable of being monstrous at ANY age, girls get there for different reasons, I think.

Good luck, Jennifer. Two girls, huh? TWO.

jenn said...

Yeah, we're going to be 3 against 2 around here, too. Luckily my girls are 4 1/2 years apart, and we won't get hit with 2 PMSing teenagers at once. Poor bryan and trevor, indeed!

Stephanie said...

HA! I don't mean to laugh at your situation but I AM DEALING WITH THE SAME THING! Three is much worse than two, I had forgotten that fact since it's been almost 4 years since I last had a 3 year old. Plus I probably thought it was in my head since I was pregnant the last time I had a three year old.

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