Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things to Remember...

Brooke & Lauren love to refer to each other as "my sister" when talking to anyone, except each other.
Trevor doesn't care if I go to the store with out him, while he is in school, because he knows I'm really busy and have to things without him sometimes. (his words) AND if I bring him home Skittles. :)
Trevor ~ "Kids at school and in my class don't all dress fancy, they just dress the best they can."
Mommy ~ "What makes you say that honey?"
Trevor ~ "Because I have a lot of clothes and some of the kids in my class don't. But that is okay.
Hey, maybe I can give them some of my clothes."
Mommy ~"That is so nice of you. You are such a good boy to want to share what you have with
your friends."
Trevor ~ "oh. they aren't my friends. they are only in my class so I have to talk to everyone."
Mommy ~ "oh. okay." :)
Lauren ~ "mommy when are you getting your voice back?"
Mommy ~ "I'm not sure honey. But I hope soon."
Brooke ~ "well who took your voice?"
Mommy ~ "no one took it honey it is just gone for now."
Lauren ~ "well you shouldn't loose it Mommy."
While packing the kids are sort of understanding about things going into boxes, "just for now" to go to the new house... but today the girls are asking me when we are going to bring the boxes back home. I'm not sure they totally get the moving thing just yet.
Trevor thinks we are going to always have two houses. Wouldn't that be nice?? Well, as long as I don't have to keep moving things back and forth and also don't have to clean both. ;)
that is all for now.
since every day I feel like I'm loosing more and more of my mind and mostly my memory I want to try to post about little things the kids do and say so I won't forget.
OH!! speaking of that... there is more...
Lauren has been singing up a storm... and the other day she was singing a song that went like this...
F U love your mom.
F U love your dad.
F U love your mom and dad.
F U you love your sister.
F U love your brother.
F U love your mom.
F U love your dad.
F U love your mom and dad.
and so on.
at first I wasn't quite sure I was hearing her correctly but she kept singing away and sure enough that is what it was sounding like. Although she was really meaning IF you love.... pretty funny!!


Nina said...

Don't you just love kids and the things they say. The song was pretty funny, also.

Good luck with the move. I couldn't image boxing stuff up with my boys. I wouldn't get a thing done.

Momisodes said...

Trevor has such a good heart.

It's amazing to hear what kids come up with in their daily thoughts and actions.

I love the singing. Adorable.

just jamie said...

LOVE those. The F U song cracks me up.

I always think of cute little kid-isms to share, but can't seem to remember them when the time comes to blog. Good for you for having the brain cells!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

How cute!

texasholly said...

So funny. I love the song. I am sure I would have totally cracked up listening to it.

jenn said...

That's so sweet that trevor wants to share his clothes. You are raising an awesome little man there, jenn.

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