Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Some pictures of the "new" house!!
the kitchen...
we are going to clean it up the best we can for NOW...
this is going to be our first project once we have the downstairs all done
and have upstairs ready to move into ...
~ we are going to replace all the cabinets.
~ we are getting new appliances ~ stove, fridge, dishwasher.
~ we are going to replace all counter top with granite (we think granite, we aren't 100% sure)
~ we are going to put a stone back splash (little tile stones)
~ where the wall oven was, we are going to open that wall up to make one big pantry
~ we are going to add cabinets on the wall and an "L" shape on the wall on the left hand side of the picture
~ and eventually if you were standing where I was when I took the picture, there is a wall with a big window in it that goes to the play room. we are going to either open that wall up as a big walk way into that room or we are going to make a regular doorway size opening and make the window a counter area with bar stools or something... we aren't sure yet. I'll try to get a picture of the window next time I go over to the house... probably tomorrow. We are also thinking of putting in a "front" door in the kitchen, but we would have to extend the porch around from the back of the house to have a wrap around porch and then have stairs come up from the driveway.
We are thinking of doing the cabinets in dark cherry color or java. I love the way the dark wood looks. I am also thinking of doing a paint treatment in the kitchen that would consist of a base coat that would be a sunflower yellow color and then a terracotta color over that wiped off with a rag to show the yellow through in places. But I'm not 100% sure about that just yet. The floor will be tiled with 12 x 12 tiles that will match, not be the same as, but match the counter top and back splash.
We are also getting black appliances. We were going to go with SS but since the landlord is replacing them for us we have to stay within a budget, so maybe some time down the road we would replace them ourselves with SS. We'll see.

These are shelves or built in book case that are on the way down the stairs. The stairs are split, which makes me happy b/c then I think the kids will get less hurt when they fall down them... and I did say WHEN because I think it is inevitable that they will... although I hope I'm wrong.

This picture also shows the paneling that is in the living room, since the stairs come up in the living room. I'm not crazy at all about paneling, BUT for some reason this is growing on me. I don't mind it so much. And that is good b/c it will be staying for a while till we can replace it with sheetrock... and we will also cut a window or two into the living room, where there aren't any. Only one at the top of the stairs, but that isn't in the living room really.

Here are the first set of stairs that head down to the lower level. I love that they are open. It makes it look really nice and it doesn't seem to take up as much space as if they were were all closed in. I love the stairs. :)

This pictures is a little dark, sorry. And I'm too lazy to try to fix it for you all. BUT this is our fire place... the thing that is in the front will come out and a gas insert will replace it. It will look just like burning logs, only we will just flip a switch to turn it on!! :) I love the fire place too. It needs some TLC but not any replacing or renovations. :)

This is the play room. It is a HUGE room! What you are seeing is about 3/4 of it... so this will work PERFECTLY for all the kids toys! I'm so excited to have a playroom again, and also this could be doubled for people to say over when we have our big New Years Party or other parties when people stay over. :) I love all the windows in it and it opens up the back deck. :)

(we are also going to make the back deck bigger, even if we don't wrap it around the front of the house)

I will post some more pictures when I get back over there to take some... I have mostly been focusing on taking pictures of the demo work downstairs. Ripping out walls and insulation and all that... But I will get more pictures of the house to post. Tomorrow I think we will all be over there working/cleaning and hanging out. Trevor is off from school so we can spend the entire day!! :)


Stephanie said...

Very cool! I am excited for you!

CrystalChick said...

OMG look at all that great space and what wonderful plans you have! I'm totally happy for you and your family!
Lots and lots of good wishes for much happiness in your new place.

Jennifer said...

Stephanie ~ thank you. I'm excited too, but we have a lot of work to go on the house before we can even LIVE there let alone make it out dream home... so i'm hoping that my anxiousness can carry me through. right now i'm a bit stressed... BOTH houses seem to be total MESSES!! ugh!! xoxoxo

Crstalchick ~ thank you. I love the open feel to the house... although it is more open than our house now it still feels cozy and comfy!! I am going to try to get some better pics... these aren't really the greatest! xoxoxo

thanks for the comments ladies. I know i have been slacking BIG time on coming by and commenting on your blogs... sorry. i will be back in the flow after we move! ;)

jenn said...

I love it, jenn! That window in the playroom...or is it sliding doors? huge! I bet it lets in tons of light. The kitchen looks big, too. I have all black appliances, and I love them. If possible, though, get a flat top stove. I love mine. It's so easy to clean. You may have one now, so you may already know this. Or for all I know you could have gas appliances. Okay, now I'm rambling!

It does looks beautiful!!!! Have fun cleaning.

Jennifer said...

Jenn ~ thanks for all the :) happy thoughts and love! I do like the house. we just have to tweek it. lol i have and will have a gas stove, only b/c bryan works for the gas company so we get a discount... we will also have gas heat... there is electric now... we have to change it over. they are windows in the playroom, they are all around the entire room and are BIG windows, I love them!! going in to the Play Room from the living room is sliding glass doors with BIG windows on either side of it too... i will try to get a pic of that tomorrow to add! :)
i like the look of SS appliances but wouldn't want to clean finger prints off of them all the time... I think black will look GREAT! :)

i'll ttys. xoxoxo

Annie said...

I like it!! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

That playroom is awesome. I want one!

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