Friday, October 3, 2008


I think today Bryan is going to meet up with our realtor and we are going to get KEYS to our new house!! yay!! I'm really hoping that things work out like I'm thinking and planning they will and we can get in there tonight to check things out and figure out where we are going to start with GUTTING the lower floor of the house and replacing it all and also where we are going to start with cleaning!! The upstairs pretty much just needs to be cleaned... REALLY REALLY REALLY well, it isn't that it is really dirty... just sitting for a while and could stand to be scrubbed down good. Also we are going to paint the kids bedrooms upstairs, so I think it is good to start with a nice clean surface.

Also, Saturday we are having Lauren's & Brooke's Third Birthday Parties!! :) wow!! I can't believe they are going to be THREE! They are so amazing!! :) I can't wait to share their special birth story on their birthday, which is Monday. I did the Baby Meme that I stole from Jenn @ My Kids Are My World... (check her out on my side bar, there is a badge there for her that will take you to her!) and I'm going to tweak it some to do the Baby Meme for when I was pregnant with Lauren and Brooke!! :)
Here is a little glimpse of how they started out...


jenn said...

Yay for keys!!! What color are you going to paint the rooms???

Love the girls first picture!

Love ya!!!

Rhea said...

Cool ultrasound photo! I want to know what color you're painting the rooms too!

Lots going on with you guys with the new house and birthdays. :o)

That was a HUGE LONG Comment you left me today. lol

Indy said...

Wow. I am with Rhea. You have a lot going on.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Congrats on the keys! Happy Birthday to the girls.

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