Saturday, October 4, 2008

NEW house!

NEW house... to us, that is. Yesterday afternoon Bryan got a key to the house, and made copies of it so we could go in and see the house again, since we were only in it once... and also so we could show the kids and my parents.

When we got there Bryan cleaned the entire driveway, it was covered in wet leaves and that made is slippery, and it is sort of steep driveway. (minimal parking too) Him cleaning the leaves and small debris from the driveway made it look a lot better too.

Next, we took the three rug rats inside. They were excited so they were a little bit crazy. Which is good. I want them to be happy and excited to move!! Although I don't think that they totally understand what "moving" means. We showed them around and then took them upstairs where their bedrooms will be, and they were so happy!! We showed Trevor his room first. He liked it and thought it would work for him... and then we showed the girls' their room and they were happy and running around. Trevor did notice that Lauren & Brooke's room is bigger than his... Which it is a little bit bigger, but there will be two of them in there and so that is the only reason why they get the bigger bedroom. We told him that also, and he was okay with it. He is a pretty agreeable kid with things like that, when you give him an answer or reason so he can understand.

Then we showed them around the rest of the house... the living room, bathroom, kitchen and the PLAY ROOM!!! :) they LOVED everything!! The playroom will be a HUGE help b/c the bedrooms are a little bit smaller than what they have now... so to have all their toys out of their rooms and in the PLAY ROOM that will make a big difference. :) PLUS I love having a playroom for them... it is so much easier to clean one room full of toys every where than to clean two bedrooms with toys every where. :)

The kitchen seems to be in worse shape than we cared or want to admit we knew remembered. So although we thought we wouldscrub, sanitize & possibly burn clean everything really well, we are now thinking that we will start with re-doing the kitchen first. :)

The bathroom upstairs needs some major UPDATING and some demolition of the sink, toilet & vanity new fixtures and a new vanity. We are going to just clean that all up the best we can and wait till after the kitchen is done... I think. We aren't sure exactly how we are going to do everything just yet.

The kids' rooms are in good shape. They have new carpeting in them that we are going to steam clean and leave. We are going to clean all the walls and inside the closets. Then we will paint. :)

We are painting the kids rooms colors that we like but letting them pick... so a joint effort. Trevor LOVES green!! So his room is going to be a "spring green" a bright green color, NOT neon but not primary green and we are going to do a white and bright blue (same as green... NOT neon and not primary blue) stripe going around the room, like a border. :)

The girls will be giving two choices, one each, maybe two each a few colors to pick from and then we are going to split their room in half and paint one half the color that Lauren picks and one half the color that Brooke picks. This is my mom and Bryan's idea. I wanted to put one color on the bottom of the walls and one on the top and put a chair rail in the middle... we'll see. I also think I might add a third color to their room to make it all blend. I'm thinking pale colors, like pastel pink, lavender/purple and pale, pale yellow.

Our bedroom I have no idea for what color I want it. The living room, I am going to do a cream color... for now. There is paneling in the living room on the one wall, so we will leave that for now. Paneling isn't my idea of interior walls at all first choice, but we will clean it and leave it temporarily. The wall around the fire place has some textured wallpapershit that HAS to go!! So before we paint I have to figure out how to get rid of that stuff and also what is under it. The bathroom upstairs I will probably keep light and neutral with dark cherry or java whatever color you want to call it vanity. The kitchen I'm not sure. I picked up a million and 12 paint samples and books for ideas... so we'll see. The playroom is all OAK and LOTS of windows!! So we will only clean that room really well and it will be good to go. :) That is also going to be the room we use to store all our boxes as we move them over there. And where we will put toys for the kids to play with while we clean and do things to the house.
The downstairs bathroom will also be painted, but I have no idea what color yet, and also the front room and where the washer and dyer will go, I have no clue what colors for them yet. I guess I have to see how things look once the drop ceiling and all the paneling are out of there... then I can get a better idea.

So that is all for now. Bryan is over at the NEW house today working... I'm home, making birthday cakes for Lauren's and Brooke's birthday party today... and also I'm going to pack up a bunch of boxes!! yay!

I'm off to mix up another cake mix, throw it in the oven and then pack.

Have a great Saturday.


Annie said...

That's exciting!

For the wallpaper - rip down (gently) what you can. For the rest, fill a bottle with half boiling water and 1/4 liquid fabric softener. Spray on wall, wait a couple of minutes, then just scrape it off.

I managed to do most of our house like that - so easy, so simple.

I hate wallpaper. I still have 1 more room to go and I'm dreading it.

Pregnantly Plump said...

Sonds like a busy, but exciting time! Your plans for the rooms sound great.

jenn said...

I'm tired just reading all that you have to do. You are going to be so busy, but it all sounds wonderful! I'm secretly thrilled that the girls color options are in the signs I made. I wish I knew trevor's favorite color was you want a new sign? I, personally, hate wallpaper. And paneling. The house we just left was all paneling, and it sucked. I can't wait to see some pictures...hint, hint...

Susan Z said...

First...congrats on the new house!
I will warn you that we have a playroom also, and perhaps it is that our playroom is downstairs, but toys migrate so we do end up cleaning multiple rooms. However, most of the toys stay in the playroom and it does make it easier to clean.
We also have kitchen and paneling issues. If you can't update the kitchen right away then changing the knobs makes a huge difference. Also, I am in the debate at the moment as to whether to fill in the cracks on the paneling or not. Basically you can sand it slightly (or some say not) and then put Kiltz I on it. Then paint it. The houses I have seen it in it looks decent this way.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

We are living parallel lives right now! LOL Our new kitchen needs major help. It will happen in time. Painting will be starting within a few months, hopefully. It's fun but tiring!

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