Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lauren's Art...

kitchen wall NEWLY painted... only a few HOURS old

Lauren's LOVELY art work

a little bit better picture of her lovely circle drawing

can you see it??
Now honestly... I am that mom.
You know the one...
the one that SAVES
that their kids draw or make or what have you.
THAT is me!!
I have boxes of stuff... and I LOVE it all.
I love that they are so creative and amazing...
I just love it.
THIS kind of art work that Lauren did...
although LOVELY...
doesn't NOT make me sooo happy.
BUT I will keep it forever... in a picture.
I think that I might paint some wall, some where,
not sure where yet, but
with the chalk board paint... that way
they have a special wall they CAN
color on.
hmmmm... might have to work on this some. :)
I'm off to relax some!!
nighty night!


Annie said...

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I swear!! It's a miracle cleaner!

April said...

THAT would have made me go off the deep end!!! You must have some amazing patience...cause I haven't seen your face on the news tonight!

The man cave looks fabulous!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

LOL!!! Alex was two and he drew that same pic on our apt. wall and I didn't know of anything that could get off red sharpie and it cost us our security deposit! LOL! Aren't kids grand ;}

You will enjoy this story of Laurens when she has kids and they share their talents on her wall! LOL!

Have a great New Years! Take care!!!

Stephanie said...

I saved everything of Lilly's from the time she was born until we moved from MA and we had about 4 rubbermaid containers FULL of every paper she touched. I had grand intentions of scanning everything and putting them onto a disk. Should have done it. I ended up getting rid of everything this past summer. It was ridiculous though, I had kept her weekly newsletters from school. :S

Now I keep really special art work and their report cards. I wish I could keep everything, but I can't.

A chalk board wall is a very good idea. Have you also seen the aqua doodle wall mat? We have that and it hangs on the wall and they have the special water pen to draw with. Then it doesn't make any mess.

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