Tuesday, December 30, 2008


i most definitely have to post new pictures of the bar area... these don't do it any justice... we have cleaned it up a lot and Bryan framed out the windows and stuff... it looks a million times better then it does in these pictures which are only a few days old... but I will have to try to post them tomorrow...

I think I'll post the kitchen pictures then sit down and have some tv time because I know tomorrow there will be NO rest for the weary. lol

also we are going to change some more things with the house... we are just doing what we can for now to make it livable and nice but stay within our budget... this isn't our house... YET... so we don't want to dump a lot of money... well a lot MORE money into it with out knowing for sure that we are going to own it one day.

like the big window in the bar area, we want to and will one day replace that window... we are also going to get a new door and put down flooring... probably hardwood and tile... but we are still trying to figure that out... for now the floor is pretty ghetto, but whatever... at least it is something to walk on that is safe. lol

well anyway... i'm off... this time I promise the next pictures/post will be the kitchen wall. :)


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