Tuesday, December 23, 2008

nothing coming to mind

Nothing was coming to mind for a post title... I guess maybe b/c my mind is just swimming full of thoughts.

One thing that is on my mind is getting our house done. We have been working out butts off on the downstairs... since the upstairs is pretty much done... well for now, we are going to change things in the kitchen, bathroom and living room, and probably the kids rooms too eventually, but it is all put together and livable... so that is all that counts. Downstairs wasn't all put together... and barely livable... although we aren't living down there just yet... we want to be able to use the space.

We are having a bar area, and we are having our third annual New Years Eve Bash, so we want to get it all done... yesterday I primed the entire room, and last night we got it painted... it looks GREAT!! I love the color we got... which was actually an OOPS color from Home Depot... so we got BEAR paint for $5 a gallon!! wow!! I know. The color is sort of an Army greenish brown... which sounds not so attractive, but it really looks great... it looks like a very rich color. I love it . If we have any left I'm going to do one of the walls in my kitchen that color... and if it isn't too dark then I'm going to paint the entire kitchen that color... thankfully we got two gallons of it. :)

We have a lot of work to finish up and a LOT of cleaning and organizing... we have been trying to live in just the upstairs of the house... to work on the downstairs... but finally we are putting stuff downstairs... but it isn't totally ready so we have stuff all in boxes still and piled up... it is really starting to get to me... I can't take the mess and clutter any more.

Also I have been vacuuming, dusting and cleaning... and then we Spackle and sand and you can't even tell that I cleaned before... UGH!! So we are going to Spackle and sand a few more times then I will do a final cleaning before our party.

There are a million more things on my mind, but I'm getting all stressed out just thinking about typing them out... so I'm not even going to put them in this post...


yay!! Christmas is two days away!! Here in NY we will have a white Christmas without a doubt... b/c we got a crap load of snow over the weekend. It was unbelievable how much snow we got Friday and Saturday and then even on Sunday it managed to squeeze out some more snow. It is only 2 degrees here. I'm not too pleased with this... it is way too cold to do anything. Yesterday I kept Trevor home from school, it was just too cold to go outside in. But today they were going to the movies to see either Bolt or Despereaux (sp?). And we also had gifts for his teachers that he had to take in. And this way I also got to come to my parents house and use the computer. :)

I hope they don't loose my son at the movie field trip... I'm really kind of concerned about this. and that is putting it as mildly as I can. If I told you all my true thoughts and feelings on this you would all probably think I'm totally effed up and crazy... the thoughts that I worry about with my kids is unreal. I'm so paranoid that something HORRIBLE is going to happen to them. I can't even tell you the anxiety that I have over it.

Well anyway... enough about that.

I guess I should go feed the girls some breakfast and I'm going to have some coffee.


Jennifer said...

You're a busy lil' bee- the basement color sounds fab!

We have frigid temps with snow here, too. Why won't winter just go away? ;P

Happy Holidays!

AndreaLeigh said...

It is ok! No worries! i'm about to take a blog break, so if you to do it after the holiday it will still be cool beans! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've been busy! I'm far too impatient to live somewhere while changing things around/remodeling. You're a better person than I :)

I'm in NY, too, and there's no worries at all about not having a white Christmas. Too bad it's so damn cold out!!

jenn said...

You need to post pictures of that color...it sounds really cool. I'm sure you will have everything ready before your party, even if you do wait until the last second! lol!

Enjoy the snow! I miss white Christmases!

Okay, I am the same way with my kids, especially when they were younger. Kasi brought home a permission slip for a field trip to Myrtle Beach....yeah, right! That's 5 hours away, and she is NOT GOING! and she's 11! She would be the one to drown in the ocean or something. Totally share your anxiety, my friend!

That said, I'm sure the little man is prefectly fine, and will be home with you soon! :)

Stephanie said...

The first few school trips Lilly went on freaked me out too. You will eventually feel less nervous. :)

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~