Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Things To Do & That We Are Doing...

I need to try to organize my thoughts and what a better place to do it than here? So, here I am.

I feel like my head is just a whirl of thoughts that aren't making much sense at all... so I have to try to get them to be something organized, something that I can work with.

Random thoughts:

~ make cookies with the kids for Santa

~ have the kids color pictures for Grandma & Papa and Grandma Lois

~ think about having the kids make pictures for G. Grandma & G. Grandpa

~ remember to get cards for Mom & Dad and also **the other people** (can't say who just yet)

~ make grocery list

~ finish washing laundry & blankets/bedding

~ get rid of bags of clothes

~ organize at least 4 boxes in bedroom & get rid of things

~ call NYSEG and find out what is going on with our bill, where it is!!

~ call TWC and ask them why their service sucks so bad

~ figure out what time we are coming to my parents house tomorrow

~ figure out what time Bryan will be home from work tomorrow

~ make a plan for what time we are going to Lois' tomorrow

~ make a plan to see Heather tomorrow at her house after Lois'

~ make sure wrapping is done

~ get gifts from Melissa that are for Bryan


~ Trevor is at the movies with his school.

~ Girls and I are at my parents house.

~ Girls and I have to go home to take care of Zoe & do laundry.

~ Run dishwasher while home.

~ Sweep & clean kitchen floor.

~ Clean up & organize the girls room.

~ Clean up & organize Trevor's room.

~ Go to Post Office.

~ Pick Trevor up from school.

~ Meet Bryan in town to get groceries.

~ Come home put away groceries.

~ Make dinner.

~ Hang out with Heather & Chris.


~ In the morning... make cookies with the kids.

~ Get the kids dressed and ready to go to my parents house.
~ come over to my parents house.

~ hang out with my mom and who ever else might be home.

~ help my mom make some food.

~ meet Bryan at home.

~ go to Bryan's mom's house with kids

~ hang out there for a while.

~ try to see Heather at her grandmothers house

~ go home and tie up last minute Christmas stuff
~ have the kids help put out cookies and carrots for Santa and his helpers

~ put kids to bed

~ wait for them to fall asleep

~ wait some more for them to fall asleep

~ wait even more for them to fall asleep

~ be patient with them, they are excited and get them some more time to fall asleep

~ make sure they are really sleeping

~ double check that they are asleep

~ take care of Christmas stuff

~ put out presents from Mommy & Daddy

~ hang out some

~ go to bed

~ try to fall asleep
~ get up and plug in camera battery
~ try harder to fall asleep
~ morning will be here sooner if you JUST FALL ASLEEP
~ hurry up and close your eyes AND GO TO SLEEP
~ okay, maybe stop trying SO hard... close your eyes and relax

Christmas Day!

~ get up.
~ check the kids.
~ go lay down again.
~ do NOT wake them up.
~ really do NOT wake them up... they need their rest and it will be a long day anyway.
~ wait for kids to get up.
~ lay still in bed while you wait.
~ don't go check them again, they will let us know when they are awake.
~ they will get up soon.
~ finally they are up.
~ grab camera & GO!!
~ YAY finally SANTA came!!

~enjoy watching the kids open their presents.
~ take LOTS of pictures
~ call Mom & Dad
~ call Ralph & Jamie & kids
~ call Ryan & Elizabeth & kids
~ call Glenn & Joyce
~ call Lois & Lowell
~ call Heather & Chris
~ call Priscilla to talk to Kelsea

after doing presents and some breakfast and all...
~ dress kids
~ pack up some new toys
~ call mom & dad let them know we are coming over
~ load up kids & truck
~ come over to the parents house
~ hang out and relax some

okay that is all for now.
I'm going to make a grocery list and then get the girls ready and head home for a while before we come back to pick Trevor up from school.

I'll probably be back if I can get the computer working at home so I can post some pictures.



jenn said...

I just wrote a really long comment that the computer apparently ate.....arg....I'll just email you in a little while.

Anonymous said...

I need a nap reading all you have to do and are doing.

For real :)

Just A Mom (call me JAM for short) said...

Whoa, you are one BUSY mom! I thought I had a lot to do. Take a breath, you don't want to do too much and get worn down so much that you can't enjoy Christmas. Good idea though to make a list of things to do. That always helps me.

Stephanie said...

I am the same way Christmas night and morning. I can't believe I am still like a little girl. I usually wake up before my kids and have to wait for them. :P

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~