Tuesday, December 23, 2008


i'm home.
dog went out.
girls slept on way home.
computer is working. :)
truck is dead! :(
saw the lights on and realized I left the key on accessories or whatever.
my dad is coming to the rescue.
thank God for dads, especially ones like mine.
going to get Trevor after truck starts. :)
a few things checked off my list.

called NYSEG.
got home.
let dog out.

yay. go me!
my list is already getting shorter.

called Heather, too, to make plans for later.
going to get gifts from Melissa later also.

a few more things that are done. :)

AND it warmed up from 2 to 22 degrees out!
things sure are looking up.


Brandy said...

Go you! Marking off the small things still makes your list look better and clears some of that "mind clutter"

Aubrey said...

Oh yes, heatwave!

Don't you love the feeling of getting things crossed off you list!

AndreaLeigh said...

yay for small lists! merry christmas!

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