Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OLD POST ~ I'm tryin'...

this was a post I had typed up the other day when I had a bad day and just didn't post it b/c it didn't seem to come out right or make me feel better... but now I can kind of look back and laugh at it.
Trying to make myself feel better and see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel just seemed to make it worse. but then again it was THAT kind of day!
Just thought I'd share this with you all incase you needed a chuckle.
Make today count...

Because you can't always count on tomorrow.

that was meant to be uplifting and enlightening... not sure if it did that

or if it is just more depressing.... honestly.

I'm trying to say that today is here. We should all try to make the best of it.

By "we all" I mean me. And, well anyone else that is having

a shitty, effed up, bad, wish they could go back to bed,

headache all day, rainy, miserable day, week, month or year.


jenn said...

We've all been there, love bug.

Milly said...

Everyone has days like that and no one is immune to it.

Hoping you are having a great day and wishing you a Merry Christmas

Rhea said...

I hear ya. Some days are really bad. And it is best to enjoy what we have while we have it. :o)

Hope you're feeling better.

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