Thursday, December 18, 2008

things to think about

I'm making a list of things I want to blog about. I can never remember any of my ideas when I come here to type so as I think of them I will post them here and then cross them off as I get to them. :) IF there is anything that you guys want me to post about... any stories you would like me to share, please feel free to ask and I will probably just ignore your requests... but hey it will up my comments right?? JUST KIDDING! :P I will most definitely post about them... it will give me more blog material right?? right!!

My List Of Posts I Want To Do!
~ Plans for a trip to Disney
~ New Years stuff ~ thoughts and plans for 2009
~ 9.5 months till the girls go to pre-k full time
~ Going back to work... or not
~ Pictures of the house and how it is coming along
~ Trevor and all that is wonderful with him
~ Lauren and all that is wonderful with her
~ Brooke and all that is wonderful with her
~ Being stalked by "friends"
~ School district issues
~ Getting more organized with everything ~ time, life, kids, house etc.
*** adding more to my list, already***
~ Tattoo ideas... what I want and where I want it
~ Bryan's tatoo ideas when and where he will get them
that is all I can think of for now... I'm sure I'll add to it here and there. but for now that is a great start to give me some blogging material. :)


Brandy said...

I have the same issue...or my posts revolve around pictures I haven't taken yet.

Looking forward to future posts!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Brandy.:)

i always think your blog is awesome though.. so you must be doing something right!! :)


Aubrey said...

Oh yes, I have a running list too. Someone told me to carry a little notebook in my purse so if I'm out and about and an idea hits me, jot it down! It's helped.
Can't wait for your tattoo ideas! I have one brewing too!

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