Monday, December 15, 2008

When It Pours, It...

On Friday I posted asking if anyone could finish the line... When it pours, it... well I didn't get back here until today because of a very busy weekend.

The answer is, when it pours, it FLOODS!! yep! We woke up at 1:15 AM to a flooded bedroom. There was about a inch and half of water in my bedroom. GREAT!! I know. It was cold dirty water too. Thank goodness we have no flooring down in our room yet, otherwise that would have sucked even more. We vacuumed and swept and ran fans till about 3:15 AM or so... then finally went back to bed, having the majority of the water cleaned up. Bryan had to rig up some things outside to keep the water from pooling up again so it wouldn't run into the house.

It was literally running inside our house... you could hear it coming in like a faucet was on. It sucked.

We don't have our entire bedroom finished, as far as insulation and sheetrock goes because we are waiting for the foundation to be fixed to make sure we don't do the work then have leaks and have to rip out all the work. We have 1/2 of it done, just so that we could get out bed out of the playroom so we could organize that some and put up our tree. Thursday night was the first night we slept in our bedroom. I'm glad we did sleep down there otherwise we wouldn't have had a clue about the water till the morning when Bryan would have been going to work and by then a LOT of things would have been totally ruined.

I had all the kids Christmas presents in the walk-in closet we have and wrapping paper and stuff... it got a little wet, but thankfully it wasn't ruined. The wrapping paper is a little warped but it is okay to use still. We had boxes of stuff, still because we haven't been able to put it all away because the house isn't all set up yet, and they got wet, so I spent a lot of time on Friday moving stuff around, vacuuming more water up, running the fan more, and trying to clean up all the mess. It wasn't really that bad of a job, but to be completely honest I'm so tired of moving the same things over and over and OVER!!

Thankfully I think we are getting all our problems solved with the foundation because the contractor, David, was there Sunday to start the work and today the guy is there to do the back-hoe work so they can do the entire thing today... or at least the majority of it. Yay!!

We are making progress every day it seems with the house, but for a while we would make progress with one thing and then something else would go wrong, but for now it seems like we are on a winning streak... well after the flood that is.

I just have to remember to just take one step at a time and it should all come together. I remember when I was anxious to get into the house to see it... then to try to buy it... then to move in... and that all happened... it just took some time... as does anything... so this too will work out... in time.


Stephanie said...

That sucks! I am glad you are getting the problem fixed. Hope your day is good! :)

jenn said...

I love your positive attitude!

Hopefully all the sucky crap is behind you now, and only good things are in the future!

Momisodes said...

Wow. I am so sorry that happened. That is awful!

I'm glad to hear that things are starting to get done and you're seeing some progress. You're certainly taking all things in stride very well. Here's to hoping everything continues to progress well!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm so sorry about the flooding! That's awful, but it is great that you guys caught it when you did!
I'm not sure I could be so positive after all the stuff that has gone wrong.
And I'm so glad that your Christmas presents are fine!

Angela said...

Oh, what a mess!

AndreaLeigh said...

How stressful! I am so sorry that happened. Fingers crossed for you that this problem is solved!

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