Monday, January 5, 2009


crap. not enough time to post pictures before dinner.
I'm home. got Trevor from school. he had a great day, but is tired. I can tell because he is slightly whiny, not too bad though.
I know I'm tired and I didn't even go to school today. :P

got some Christmas decorations down. so that's a good start.
I also put laundry in the dryer.
started another load in the wash.
picked up all the beads the girls had scattered every where.
took out the garbage.
picked up a bunch of toys in the living room.
put away clean laundry that I folded out of the dryer.
cleaned up the tooth brushing stuff in the bathroom.
took the laundry downstairs.
put the dog out.

and now, I'm off to do some more.

pictures will be coming tonight or tomorrow. :)


Kristi said...

Noah had a good day too. I guess the break did them some good.

jenn said...

Making progress, I see....

Brandy said...

Woah sounded like a busy day. I really like your music...normally I pause it because at work I listen to XM but here at home, I'm listening to Electric Avenue and digging it.

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