Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Interview/Questions from LOU!

Here are my questions...

1-What is your favorite childhood memory?

wow. I'm not sure if I can pinpoint just one... I have so many. We did a lot of great trips and things when I was growing up and still do actually. I have to say that most of my fondest memories are of camping trips. We would go a lot of places and one of my favorite places to go camping was and still is Connecticut on the Long Island Sound, it is just a beautiful place to go. I hope that my children will have the same fond memories that I do from camping there. I also have very fond memories of Holiday's. Lots of people around and lots of good food and good times. I love getting together with my family now for Holiday's as well, so I guess the fond memories will just keep growing.
BUT, if I had to pinpoint just ONE favorite memory... I think it would have been the afternoon, I was in third grade, and it was my birthday, May 12th, I got off the bus from school and there were two kids in the yard, a boy and a girl, and my mom's friend Cathy was over too. I asked my mom who the kids were and she said "Carlos & Jessica. They are going to be your brother and sister!" I was so happy. I can remember how awesome it felt. I was finally getting a sister and I was also getting another brother along with her. I was so excited and they were so cute. Jessica was 12 days away from turning one and Carlos was 2 1/2 months from turning three. They were so much fun, and I loved them so much from that very moment of seeing them playing in the yard. We had some of the best memories with them, that is still one of my most favorite childhood memories. :) Bitter sweet in the aftermath, but none the less a favorite!

2-Who is the person you most admire - that is alive today?

I'd have to say that there isn't just one person... it is people and they are my parents. :) They are amazing. They have been married for 38 yrs, which is rare, but good! They are both really hard workers and always do whatever they can to help anyone, especially, but not only, family. They are very honest and good hearted people. They really go out of their way for anyone they meet, even if they just met you. I guess one fault you can say they have, is that they are too generous to their children... if that is a fault. They give give and give some more. They are always there to lend a hand or support or a shoulder for any reason. When I was younger I thought they were the strictest parents and I often disliked some of their decisions they made when allowing or not allowing me to do certain things, especially when other kids were going or doing it... but today, I thank them for it. I couldn't imagine growing up with different parents, I know they really loved me and cared and that is why they did the thing they did... for my best interest.

3-If you could live anywhere - where would that be?

Hmmm... now this is a tough question... I have asked myself this exact question many many times. Bryan and I have discussed moving south so many times. We really want to, and maybe one day we will. We are sick of cold weather and snow and just this area is getting more and more expensive and less and less attractions to keep us here. The one thing that holds us here tighter than crazy glue is our families and friends. I couldn't imagine living any further from my parents than I do now... which is about 10 miles. It would kill me to not see them as often as I do, which is less often now that we moved, which sucks, but still more often than if we moved to SC, which is where we thought about.

BUT if I could take my family and friends and everyone to make everyone else happy, the I would LOVE to live in Spain or Italy or some where really great... or Australia... it would so amazing to get to live some where else and learn all the culture and ways of life. It would be really amazing to get to see my children experience that. I'm sure I won't be able to live in any of these places, but I hope to at least visit one day. :)

4-What do you like to eat when you're feeling 'down'?

The really strange thing is that I don't really eat when I'm feeling down... when I'm feeling down, I just, hmm... what do I do. I guess the thing is that I don't really let myself feel down all to often, I block that emotion and usually just get mad/pissed off... those feelings are easier for me to deal with and let others see. I wouldn't want anyone to see me be really sad or down. You know, unless it was something really horrible like a death or something, then of course I would show that sensitive, vulnerable side, but most of time I don't let myself, even when I'm alone, get to 'down'. Maybe I need to loose the tough girl stuff some... huh? AND, truth be told, I love to eat ALL. THE. TIME!! I love to snack on junk stuff... and I love to eat REAL food!! I'm a big eater... I plan much of my time around eating and all that. :)

And because I liked this question best when Maggie asked me -
5-What do you like most about being a woman?

There are many things that I like about being a woman... like everything. But, the one thing that was the most amazing thing I have experienced as a woman was carrying a baby. And not that it was more amazing than carrying a baby, because nothing can top that... but it was so amazing in it's own way and in a different way, was carrying two babies at once. And of course giving birth was pretty amazing too... and then the best part of all that is being a MOMMY! Can't beat it. Not with anything!

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jenn said...

Oh, I love your answers! I want you to move to SC, too, for my own selfish reasons! :)

I want to know the rest of the carlos and jessica story....

and, of course, I want you to ask me some questions.....

Jennifer said...

yay!! i knew this comment would be from you!! :) <3

I will tell you the rest of the Carlos and Jessica story... after many many years, I can finally tell it with out sobbing uncontrolably, maybe I will blog about it... or maybe not, either way I will definitely share it with you. :)

I will get some questions together for you! :) yay!!


LceeL said...

I love your answers. Thank you, so much, for playing. Now i know just that much more about my lovely Jennifer.

LaskiGal said...

What a great idea! I adore your favorite childhood memory. When I go back to think about mine, they now always include my siblings. Like Jenn, I would like to know more about the bittersweet story . . . if you would be willing to tell.

And the fact that you admire your parents! That is so, so telling about YOU, as well about their love for one another.

Oh, and from one eater to another . . . I so, so get that!

Aubrey said...

All of your answers were so great! I'd love to hear more about why your childhood memory turned out to be bittersweet...

So, I'm game.

Interview Me!

Jennifer said...

Great interview answers, Jen.

Interview me! =)

Have a great weekend!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

This was sooooo cool!!!

And yay for SC!

Take care and have a super great day!!!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

sorry I forgot to say also, would love to hear about the new siblings too! Sounds like your parents rock!

B Boys Mom said...

Very nice interview!

B Boys Mom said...

Very nice interview!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Jennifer, how'd the myspace-picture situation go???

Nosey minds wanna know~:}

Nina said...

Your blog looks so warm and inviting today, especially when it is a chilly -10 degrees here. Oh how I just want it to be warm again.

I loved your childhood memory. To be so thrilled to remember the day you got a brother and a sister.

Momisodes said...

I just loved reading this about you. I can understand your hesitation in being far from your parents. That is wonderful you have a great relationship with them. That is the toughest thing for me these days with us being in the Northeast. I am sure your kids will look back on your camping trips as fondly as you do :)

Missed your posts while I was away!

Pregnantly Plump said...

What great things to know! Those are wonderful questions!
We don't live near my parents, and I would give anything to be able to move back that way (it's also warmer there!) I think it would be great for them to see Little Elvis more.

Milly said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog and I have enjoyed your comments on mine. I will be away for a few months maybe more because of sickness in family. God bless you and happy blogging

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