Friday, January 23, 2009


Just thought I'd update a few things that have been going on and things that I have blogged about but didn't ever do a follow up blog about...

the MySpace problem... I found out that now her page is set to private... so although I'd love to tell her to bug off and take the pics down, there isn't really a huge reason now to have a fight with her over it. And honestly, although this isn't very mature of me, I just won't even have it in me to argue with her or deal with her shit at all ~ whether she was snotty or whiny or whatever, I'd just end up punching her in the face. ~ I know, I know... not good. Sorry. I'm just beat and don't have very much patients lately, and lack some rational thinking due to it all.

Trevor with school ~ not any better yesterday... if possible it was worse, because now he has added sarcasm to it all too. GREAT! But, he is still on punishment... NO electronics... which he hasn't asked for either... ugh. You just can't win. Take them away and they don't seem to miss them. When really I thought just the idea of taking away his PSP would get him to straighten up... b/c he is like Alex ~ Missy's son... (you can and should check out Missy's blog... it is on my blog roll ~ I'd link her to this post but I'm at my parents house and it seems like wayyy to much work... but if I have some time at home I will link her.. it is under Sam, Missy & Alex) anyway... I thought that he NEEDED his PSP ... like as in need it more than AIR! ~ that is exactly what Missy said... it is something they need! lol

Well I reminded Trevor that today was Friday he had gym... he should get his energy out there and be good the rest of the day for his teacher... b/c today was his last chance to get to earn back any electronics for the weekend... if there was not significant improvement... like 150% improvement... then NO electronics ALL weekend. That would not be fun. So I'm hoping he does good today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thank you all for your comments the support, encouragement and understanding is so greatly appreciated. :) It is nice to know we aren't the only ones... that you have all or are in the same boat. :)

As for my friend Heather and her Grandmother ~ Heather is doing okay. Keeping her worrying at bay for now. Her Grandmother seems to be doing good too. She does have a tumor on the front of her brain, but they feel it isn't cancerous... and they have surgery scheduled for Monday. The surgery itself should only take about an hour and 15 mins or so. And then I'm pretty sure Heather said she will be able to come home in three days after the surgery. So that will be really good! I know she hates hospitals, which who really loves having to be in the hospital? But, anyway, it will be good to get this all taken care of. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and your prayers, they are doing a good job!! I'll keep everyone posted on how things are going. And we are actually getting together with our friend from Jersey and the three of us are going to see her Grandmother tonight. It'll be nice to get to see her. :)

So that is all for now. I'm supposed to be cleaning and doing a few other things... that I NEED to get done... so I better head off for now. I'm also hoping to have some time to check out all your blogs too.... sorry I haven't been around.



Annie said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Trevor does good today too!

Brandy said...

From the sound of it you've been more than busy! And I think it's okay to just leave it alone if she has made her page private. I would just keep an eye on it.

As for Trevor I hope he behaves today. At least he can see you are serious about it.

April said...

Oh, I'm really hoping Trevor gets it all worked out today...a weekend with a bored kid will not be fun!

jenn said...


Sam, Missy and Alex said...


Thats so cool you mentioned me in your post! Awe!

I hope that Trevor has a better day. Something you might want to do IF he doesn't have a big improvement today and he doesn't get his electronics back, would be take him and the girls to the library this weekend for some cool books!
Celebrate the library! Make it sound like its the best place in the world and then let them pick them a special weekend book. One that would take the place of the PSP time! They wouldn't realize it would be doing that, but you'd know. We try to celebrate library time! And especially if Alex has the PSP taken away- we head there! We go there other times but head there also on days like that.

Alex's recent books are the Warrior series (about Cats) I like it too and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians (about the Gods and a little boy who seems to get into trouble). I know Trevor may or might not be reading this level but if you read it to them it wouldn't bore your socks off!! I like hearing about it. Oh and they have Warrior books in a comic book-paper back book.

Have you been taking five minutes for yourself? No matter what you do and are faced with sometimes you just have to lock yourself in the bathroom and have some Mommy time, bubble bath and a good book! I wouldn't suggest leaving the kids alone, lol! But you know if hubby is home or the grandparents take them!

Don't neglect yourself as you care for everyone else! We, as moms, have a knack for doing that!

Yay for Heather and her grandma doing better! I pray the doctors are full of wisdom and she comes out with a full recovery.

As far as the chick with the myspace, I would still mention to her that you'd appreciate in the future her not posting your kids pics without asking- you still don't know what freaks are already her friends. You could deliver the message in front of everyone in a nice manner so it wouldn't start WW3. And you know what, maybe she needs to be punched in the face. :-o

You rationalizing could be which eye would look better black, that eye or that eye, hee hee!

Just kidding!

Seriously look into some quick you time!!! You deserve it!!!! Super mom!!!

Take care and SC, yes, the whole state, is pulling for you!!!! :}

Sorry for typing a novel, lol!

Much peace and love to you and yours!!!


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