Monday, January 26, 2009


Oh. excuse me. I fell asleep here.
I had a GREAT weekend, lots of good times, fun and memories made with my girls... and the guys too! It ended up being a busy but AWESOME weekend. :) I will have to post about all the details soon.

Heather's grandmother is doing okay. They were going to do surgery today, early this morning to be exact, but last night they changed their mind. They being the doctors. They are thinking they will wait till Wednesday or some time later this week and see how things are then. I'm not quite sure why the hold up, but I think it has something to do with her lungs... she has or had, I'm not sure what state it is in now... pneumonia, so they want that all taken care of before surgery. Better to be sure she is as healthy as possible before proceeding with brain surgery, but the waiting really sucks.

If you could all keep Heather, her grandmother and the family in your thoughts and prayers that would be greatly appreciated. It is still a rough and scary time and we aren't sure of the outcome the surgery will have with her grandmother.

I'm falling asleep here at the computer because I was up all night last night with my baby girl Brookie... and actually with my baby girl Lauren... she was staying up with me at first because, I'm sure she was worried about Brooke and then also to make sure she didn't miss anything, like watching tv and hanging out with Mommy and Brooke. But it ended up that Lauren was really a big helper. Brooke was throwing up in her bed, and Lauren came to wake up Bryan and I. It was only about 8:45- 9:15 PM or so... but we were beat... we all had a LONG weekend... So we get up and check her out. She is covered in vomit and sleeping in it. :( Poor baby. Broke my heart. We get her up and give her a bath, put new clothes on her and get her settled on the couch... she continued to throw up in the bath and once she was out too.
I first thought that she was throwing up from coughing so much, but after she just kept doing it we figured it must be some sort of bug, and then we also realized she was burning up. I gave her some Motrin, but she just threw it all up. Bryan went off to bed and I stayed up with my little princess... holding her and sweating my butt off... she was so hot. I kept on giving her sips of water to keep her hydrated and also to maybe help her feel better, but she'd only keep it down for a little while then she would vomit again.
At one point in the night her fever was 103.2 I was really scared, but know that small/young children can have high temps with out it being too dangerous and if I could just monitor it and try to get it to go down at all it would/should be okay. Finally I got some Motrin in her and she fell sound asleep and thank goodness kept it down.
I checked it about an hour or so later and it had gone down, not to normal, but to 101.2 so that was at least better.
She woke up this morning throwing up/dry heaving some more and then was burning up again. Today her temp was only at 102.5 so that is a lot better than the 103.2. I got some Sprite in her, we have no Ginger Ale, Bryan is bringing some home for her, but she drank some Sprite and has kept it down and I gave her Motrin about 15-20 minutes ago and she kept that down too, so far. I hope she can keep it down and rest some more so she will feel better. I am also hoping this is a 24 hr bug and that she will be feeling better really soon.

She has laid on the couch all day long and hasn't wanted to do much of anything but sleep. At least when she is sleeping I know she is comfy and not feeling sick.
She is still coughing some. I just feel so bad. I wish it were me instead of her. I hate when my kids are sick. :(

Well I'm off to go check on her and see if I can get Trevor and Lauren to take a nap... I could really use one myself. I have the Tinkerbell movie on, so maybe they will all fall asleep. :)

I'll try to update later on how Brooke is doing and feeling. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers, please.



jenn said...

Poor baby girl! Fevers are always higher at night, but I still get scared when they go that high. I hope she is feeling a little better, and I also hope none of the others get it.

Sending virtual chicken soup and lots of hugs your way!

AndreaLeigh said...

i hope she feels better soon! poor baby.

April said...

UGH...don't you hate cleaning up puke! Hope she feels better soon! Get some rest!

Brandy said...

I hope she feels better soon!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Me too, I send love, prayers and thoughts your way. I feel so bad for her!!
Take care and keep us posted!!!

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