Wednesday, March 4, 2009


What do you get when you add these together...

1 stressed out mommy
NO sleep at night
one daughter that is still running high fevers
one daughter that refuses to eat food
one daughter that is still coughing so much she vomits
one daughter that is SILLY and happy but coughing
one son that is vomiting
one son that is coughing
one son that is really CRANKY
one husband that is FAR FAR away for work
one doctors appointment for THREE kids
one doctors appointment in the LATE afternoon
one son home from school AGAIN
one doctors office that doesn't answer the phone due to a HIGH VOLUME OF CALLS... ugh!
one house that is a WRECK
one mommy that constantly has a headache
one family vehicle

huh? huh? what do you get??

I'm not sure either. this isn't a riddle... this is our house and family.
Trevor woke up saying his stomach hurt... I thought he just wanted to stay home, but low and behold he puked before we left to take Bryan to work. Then he also vomited on the way home... partially in the truck and partially on the side of the road. Poor lil' man. I feel so bad that he is sick AGAIN and also that I doubted him this morning that he was sick and just wanting to stay home.
Lauren is still having FEVERS... and they aren't little ones either, they are about 102... NOT GOOD! She says nothing hurts her, but she refuses to eat any real food, and she pretty much just lays on the couch all day long... she also has been coughing like CRAZY and sometimes vomits from that. OH and she keeps saying her eye hurts, so she wants a cold wash cloth to wipe it all the time... but we see nothing wrong with it... I feel so bad for her.
Brooke seems to be doing the BEST... she is back to her silly and happy little self... no fevers, no vomiting, although she does have a really hacky cough she is doing good. I'm wondering what the doctor will say about her ear drum today... he was concerned the last time we were there (last week) that she may need to see an ENT specialist... b/c it seems that her right ear drum is hardening... not sure what that means or what it is doing to her ear or hearing, but I'm anxious to find out what it looks like now that she isn't having a full on cold with sinus pressure... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all is good. She has ONLY ever had ONE ear infection and that was this past time when she had the pneumonia... so I'm hoping it's okay. That was the ear though that was "bulging" from the infection... I'm nervous. I hope she is okay.

Well I'm off to take care of the sickly... and try to move our doctors appointment to earlier today since Trevor is home already. I'm washing pukey clothes now and as soon as his coat is dry we will be ready to rock and roll.

PS I am loosing my shit here people and I'm sorry I haven't been around to visit anyone or leave comments, I feel like I'm drowning most days, and not sure when this feeling will GO AWAY. i'm hoping that as soon as I'm able to get my kids healthy again I'll be better. BUT thank you so much for all your love and support and your comments... they mean so much to me. mwah!


April said... are you holding up in all of this? I'll be praying for your kids health and your sanity!!!

LceeL said...

OMG - I SO wish I could help. Just hang in there, lovely girl. Kids are very resilient. They will bonce back.

jenn said...

Wish I was there to help....we could combine sick kids and double team has had a fever since Sat. night...everyone's coughing...I feel your pain, sunshine. Good luck at the doctors...let me know what happens.

Aubrey said...

I was going to say a nervous breakdown. LOL But seriously, hang in there! Take care of all the kiddos and stay healthy!

Brandy said...

Wow...I don't know how you are dealing with this all. And the poor kids I know they are sick of being sick too.

I hope the doctor can whip up a miracle for you!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Jennifer I know this is a goofy question but is anyone smoking around them?

The reason I ask is because we smoked around Alex and he was so sick! He had everything that you have mentioned about your kids!
Ears, throat junk, coughing, pneumonia, bronchitis, and he even had to do a kiddy inhaler for a week or two! It was horrible! This was the whole time we smoked!

We had him in the docs office so much-omgawd the headache!

Every time, the doc would ask, is anyone smoking around him? and I was like, well ...we crack the windows, we go outside-blah, blah blah, but in all honesty he was still being smoked around at families homes, at restaurants, sometimes in the car with grandma, etc.

When we quit smoking around him fully he has never been so sick since! Now its maybe a couple of days, twice a year- max!

This is just a thought that crossed my mind so I wanted to share!

I feel so bad for you all, I hate that you are so stressed! I agree with everyone here, I wish you were closer we all could help out! GIRL, we'd have you all healed up in no time!! :}

Don't worry about the house being wrecked, focus on getting the kids better!! The house will still be there when everyone is feeling better, then you'll have 3 little helpers!!!

Just know we are thinking of ya!!

Much love and peace to ya,
Missy, Sam and Alex~

Pregnantly Plump said...

Sorry things are so crazy for you guys! And that your husband isn't close to help you deal with everything. Bob doesn't travel often, and we've been lucky that Little Elvis didn't get sick during the times he was away. I hope the doctor's appointment goes well and all of your little ones start feeling better.

Nina said...

Aww...Jennifer it will get better soon. I feel for you!!! I am not sure I would handle it well at all.

Kristi said...

I hope you all heal quickly. It's going around here too.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

We're in about the same place at our house! I hope you all are better soon.

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~