Monday, April 27, 2009

life is GOOD! :)

hey there blog-o-sphere! :)

i haven't been around in a while, and i know my girl Jenn was checking on me... thanks girl!! :) but we are doing good. :) we are having some really nice HOTT weather here... it was in the high 80's all weekend and today too! we are LOVING it!! :) we totally skipped Spring and are heading straight for S U M M E R!! i don't mind. :)

we had a birthday party on Saturday... it was very nice and the kids had a GREAT time!! and we had a dinner invite after that at a friends house... it was GORGEOUS out! bry took his bike and the boys went riding while the girls and kids made some dinner and then we all hung out, the boys took another ride and then we had a fire and some marshmellows... it was PERFECT! the kids were slightly cranky at the end of the night but who could blame them, it was a long day. and they were excellent all day! :) i was a super proud momma!!

then on Sunday we hung out, i actually went and worked some ~ which is nice to get out of the house and do... then i came home to scoop up my little kiddies ~ who were building a TREE FORT with their daddy and were EXTREMELY happy, and DIRTY! lol it was great though. they were all out there having a GREAT time all dirty and playing so nicely together! I hated to have to clean em' up... but we were off to a family bbq! Everyone washed up and off we went... where we had more good food, good friends and a GOOD TIME!! :) My Dad's birthday was last weekend... and the kids and I saw him on Friday night for it, hung out and had a good time then Saturday we called and said our "happy birthday's" and all that... and my parents stopped by and we all went for a walk and everything... it was nice... but my mom made an official birthday bbq for him yesterday... it was nice. :) The bugs were swarming us, but they didn't seem to really bite, they were just an annoyance. lol

so that was our weekend, then today we got up bright and early and left the house at around 7:50 AM or so to head to the GI specialist for Trevor's tummy, which has been doing pretty good... we have had about a month of no vomiting. :) yay for us!! and super yay for Trev! :) He had an upset belly on Friday and stayed home from school, but he ended up doing okay... he had some bathroom trips but no vomiting... I was happy and Saturday he was fine. thankfully!

So the doctor today is a little nuts, and wants a lot done, but i'm glad we are finally going to get some answers, i just have to call the hospital and find out when we can do all these tests and if the insurance will cover it... if the insurance won't cover it then we will fight them on it or try another route, but we'll see. I'm hoping they will be as good as they usually are and cover it all. I mean they covered a breathing machine for Brooke and they cover multiple appointments to the dermatologist for Lauren when we were going through all that... and all the lab fees and creams for her... so I hope this will work out for us. we'll see.

She wants to do an x-ray, ultra sound, blood work, stool test, urine test and I think there might be one more thing. she also told us some foods/drinks to add to his diet and also some breathing techniques to get him to try. when we go back to her office she will do some test there, and also a milk allergy test... so we'll see.
she wants to test him for Lyme disease and lactose intolerance, and a few other things... so far we aren't ruling anything out but we aren't panicking ourselves either.
She wrote him some scripts for meds, but we aren't messing with them, they have some severe side effects and i just rather not do that to him. muscle spasms are one of them, and they are pretty strong and are of the face, neck and upper body extremities ~ and can also affect his vocal cords ~ nothing that will be permanent but i don't want him to have to experience that. so we'll just play it by ear with the meds.

he is on Benadryle for his allergies, like the girls too, and the dr said that might help with his stomach too bc it slows down the digestive tract some... so thats nice that the meds he is already on will help with other problems he has... that makes me happy bc i hate giving my kids meds.

well anyway... that was that. then we went to the pharmacy got our scripts filled ~ went to Crystal Run and checked out a few things there and then headed to the pre-school to drop off copies of the girls ss cards and also proof of address for us... then we meet daddy and Adelle for lunch and then home again home again jiggity jig. the kids played outside, were it is 88 degrees today and then came in kind of cranky and just beat... so I gave them their allergy meds and sent them all for a rest.

when Bryan gets home we will go pick up our camper from his dad's house and take it my parents house and then having dinner with my mom and my nephew and then home again home again jiggity jig. and off to school tomorrow for Trevor and the girls and I will maybe clean our camper... I'm sure it needs some work... we kind of just left it last year bc it was the same time we were moving and things were slightly crazy. lol

well anyway... i'm off to take care of more laundry and while I mention laundry I have to mention how much I really MISS having a clothes line and how much i'm going to beg and bother bryan to make me one here! I NEED ONE!! I have to have it!! I love the way laundry smells after being dried outside and how nice it folds and all that... I just love it AND it is also a better work out for me to hang laundry rather than put it in the dryer. lol

well anyway... I'm off ... peace!


jenn said...

Wow...I can see why you haven't been around. You've been one pretty busy lady. I am glad Trevor is doing good...and that they are finally going to do some tests so you can have some answers. I have my fingers crossed that everything will be covered.

It's been nice here, too....I have a bad sunburn (picture on my journey blog) and have been inside all day today, but I think we're almost in the 90's too. I kinda miss spring...we skipped right over that, too! lol!

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