Wednesday, July 8, 2009

playing catch up....

Hmmmm... what did we do this weekend and week (so far).....

Okay... so Friday... I can't remember. Friday Bryan was off from work... for the HOLIDAY weekend... which was nice. We all slept in some... and then hung out doing a few things at home. Bryan got Trevor's motocross bike all spift up and ready for him to go out and practice at the track... his first time on the real track.... he has been on a track that Bryan made him here at the house and at the old house and has road his bike at Bryan's mom's house too, but he was excited to be on the real track. I was happy for him and NERVOUS as hell. He did great. On Friday I also meet Adelle & Amanda (she works with Adelle) for lunch, it was nice... we had Chinese!! YUM...

OH Yeah... on Thursday we went to the CIRCUS!!! we have gone for the last three years... this was the first time we took the girls to it... not sure why we didn't take them last year... maybe so we could do something with just Trevor so he had some one on one time, not sure... but they all LOVED it. It was different than the last few years so that was nice, but it always cute. Nothing too extraordinary, but something fun and local to do with the kids. :) We went to the earlier showing so after that we grabbed a pizza and a chick parm hero and went to see Bry's mom and Lowell at the campground where they have their camper for the Summer. They just put it in the weekend before. We hung out there for a while after having dinner, the kids had fun... they got to make some marshmallows while there, which is one of their favorite things to do... AND they are actually getting pretty good at it and will even eat most of them, themselves!!! lol Trevor is really good at getting most of his just right... a little brown all the way around and melted all the way through!! :)

Okay... back to Friday... I took the girls and their bikes up to the track for them to ride while Trev practiced.. Adelle meet us up there, or shall I say we met her, she was there first. lol They had a good time, but were tired... so a little cranky and I had NO voice almost... it started going at the circus for whatever reason, I wasn't even yelling or anything just started loosing it, and then it hasn't come back yet... But anyway... we did the track thing... My poor lil' boy got hurt... he fell and the foot peg went into his knee... did a pretty nasty gash/cut... deep too, and had his leg lumped up and bruised good too. :( Broke my heart to see him in pain... I can't take my kids being hurt... we got him some ice and he sat in the back of truck for a little while still not feeling great. I gave him some Motrin and put a band aid with antibiotic cream on it on his knee and he said it still hurt... I can only imagine... poor dude!! He did however want to go back out on the track... that night even and was kind of upset with Bryan and I when we told him no. I was concerned about how bad his knee was hurt... he hadn't walked on it yet since he hurt it... there was NO way I was letting him back out.

He did walk on it and it was okay... just really sore, we got home and laid him on the couch with his knee elevated ... he fell asleep pretty quickly.. he was tuckered out... long day and did a lot of laps on the bike... while he slept I put an ice pack on his knee... I think it helped keep the swelling down some... I hope it helped ease some of the pain...he slept through the night but in the morning said it still hurt. I imagine it did. But he is a trooper and still did okay playing with it... even went on the trampoline ~ which Bryan and I got the sides up and Bryan tied it all down so no one can get hurt falling off of it again. (Lauren fell off of it about a month ago and hit her face hard on a 4 x 4 piece of wood... my poor baby ~ I took her to Urgent Care, and thankfully everything was okay with her)

So Saturday ~ July 4th ~ we hung out in the morning all playing outside, jumping on the trampoline together and having fun... did some house work and stuff... got things ready for later... then got the kids and ourselves ready and headed to the store to grab a few things... Wally World was on lock down bc they had a missing child... a 7 1/2 month old... it was horrible... long story short after several hours, they found the little girl... Brook, face down in mud about a 1/4 mile from Wal-Mart... the father put her there... then went to W-M and said she was stolen from his stroller... he is piece of shit and should die a slow painful death. thankfully they found the baby and she was unharmed. what a dirtbag. i could go on, but i'm not.

anyway... we got some stuff and headed to Bryan's mom's campsite... his brother and sister-in-law and niece were here from NC... on a surprise visit... it was nice to see them. Bry's other brothers, Kevin and Joey were there too... it was his mom, step-father, brother Danny, wife Christy, daughter Alyssa, brother Kevin, daughters, Katelyn and Lacy, brother Joey and wife Cassie, his grandparents, a family friend Liz, us then later, his sister Shelby, cousins, Kelsea, Andrew, Eileen, and Kelsea's boyfriend came, and so did Steve & Adelle and Richie and Alyssa... it was a good time. :)

the fireworks were okay... we also left the camp and went to see the fireworks at the race track... they were nice. :)

the kids were sleeping for the second fireworks, but they didn't even know they missed anything and they were tired out... it was a long day... they had put on a lot of of miles... with starting off the day on the trampoline to running around the campground... it was a lot. :)

We all came home and went to bed. :)

Sunday Bryan went off on his road bike with Steve to a diff moto track to watch the races, so the kids and I packed up and went to my parents house... they had a blast... first my dad set up the kiddie pool for them, and they had fun in that. They also played in the sandbox and on the swing set and rode their bikes some... then my dad, being the WONDERFUL Grandpa that he is, took all three kids in the big pool!!! THEY LOVED IT!! Trevor has been in a few times this year already & loves it.. this was the girls first time this year and they had a great time... they were both a little nervous at first... but Lauren warmed up to it really quickly and Brooke came around soon there after!! :) I'm glad the enjoy it... I wish that they could get swimming lessons so they could all be swimming this Summer, but that isn't too likely. Maybe I can find a book or website that tells you how to teach your child to swim. Trevor will be 6 in Sept... I think that maybe he should know how to swim already... the only problem is not having a lot of time to practice... we only have a few short months of Summer and we don't always have access to water... unless I get him swimming in the big bath. lol

We had dinner with my parents and my brother, nephew ~ Walter and my sister-in-law had shown up so they ate with us too. The kids loved getting to see Walter, but they were all tuckered out... another busy and long day! Not too long after dinner, I got the truck all loaded up and headed home...

After getting home, I got a message from a friend of mine.. Bee... she was home recovering from surgery that she had the week before, and said she would LOVE some company... it was only a little after 7 so I hopped in the truck and went to see her. She only lives a few mins from me and it was nice to get to visit and to get out of the house w/o the kids. :) I love them, but a break every now and then is soooo nice!! Plus, I haven't talked/visited with Bee in ages. I see her every now and then and see her at the dental office, but it isn't the same as getting a few hours to just shoot the bull... we were chatting so much that it was after 11 when we realized the time... I didn't mind bc it was a really nice visit. I'm going to go back again soon... she is out for 6 wks... ugh... and I'm sure is bored at home. lol when she is feeling much better and up to it... I'll take the kids over too... we'll see though, she is still newly recovering. :)

Then let's see... Monday, Monday... what happened on Monday???? oh yeah... I put up my new clothes line... and happily hung out two loads of laundry... I also cleaned the deck off, cleaned the patio set ~ table and chairs and re-arranged the deck so that we can sit out there for dinner and stuff... and cleaned up the yard some and did some stuff to make our tiny backyard more user friendly! :) (** our property isn't really that small it's over an acre, the problem is that it's on a hill and covered in trees... we are going to work on both problems, but not just yet.. it takes money and time... we have some time, but very little money right now... so for now we have to make due with the yard we do have... so it was nice to move things around... make the table usable and also create a little seating area in the grass with some Adirondack chairs and a small plastic table... We also ate dinner at the outside patio table on Monday... the kids LOVED it. & the weather was perfect for it.. there weren't even any bugs!! it was GREAT!! :) Monday night after dinner we all went to the lake...we drove down instead of walking so we could get more time in at the lake... Bryan and Trevor slapped on some life jackets and tried out the new jet ski... they had a good time but it was almost out of gas so they didn't spend too much time on it... just enough. :) we all hung out on the beach and docks while the kids played in the water... then it was getting a little chilly to be wet as the sun set, so we decided enough lake, lets jump in the hot tub... we spent 40 mins in there.. it was heaven!! it wasn't really hot at all, it was some where around 95 so it was okay for the kids to be in there... i know hot tubs aren't safe for kids bc if they are too hot the kids can get a fever from it bc their body isn't that good at controlling it's temp just yet... but they were safe and enjoying the jets with us. :) it was a nice family night. :) we then came home, changed and watched some tv together before heading off to bed.

I stupidly wore my pedometer into the hot tub... but thankfully it still works fine. :) I'm amazed. the only bad thing that happened was when i was drying it off i accidentally reset it... but I knew what the numbers were from looking at it to see if it was ruined... so I just wrote them down on Monday and started over again today. :)

Today we did nothing much... OH!!! yeah. yesterday.... aka Monday, we went to check our mail at the PO... it has been a LONG while since we got it... and while we were out and about we got some ice cream at the Candy Cone! :) the kids LOVED it... they were EXCELLENT while we were there... amazing little listeners!! :)

Today it rained here... the washer leaked all over, and I did some good cleaning in my bedroom and closet... made some headway... it's looking better in there... got rid of some stuff and organized some other things... can't wait for my closet to be done... need to get all the hardware... would love a California Closet... but they are a lot of money... will settle for Bryan and I picking out some things at Home Depot or Lowe's and doing it ourselves... I'm sure it will come out great... Bry is really handy so that isn't a problem at all and I think together we will come up with a great design!!

I also went to my parents house to hang out for a little while tonight... had a nice visit with my mom and Ellen and my dad some... he was out and the was watching the game. :) went through some baby pics of Trevor... he has grown soooo much... it's unbelievable.. and went through some pics from last summer... they have all changed and grown so much in the last year, it's scary how fast time is going and how big they are getting.

And, now I'm up typing this bc I can't sleep... ugh!! maybe I'll go watch some TV bc my back and neck are killing me now...

nighty night!


jenn said...

Holy crap my eyes are crossed from reading all that. lol! You have been a busy bee.

I hope by now Trevors knee is feeling better. I am looking forward to seeing some pictures of him on his bike...there are pictures, right?

I want to hear about this hot it by the lake? And how lucky are you to be able to play in the lake whenever you want. I'm a little jealous!

Kids are natural swimmers. All three of mine know how, just from being in the water. I never taught them, they just did it. They all prefer to swim under the water, which is fun to watch. they are little water bugs like I used to be when I was a kid. We always had a pool growing up.

Trampoline's make me nervous. I don't usually allow the kids to jump on them, but when we went to missy's house a couple of weeks ago, alex has one, and they were all on there. i was a nervous wreck! lol...but they all survived. I'm glad lauren wasn't hurt too bad when she fell.

BTW...I emailed you a little while ago.

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