Friday, July 10, 2009

What is today???

seriously... what is today?? I think it's Friday, but I can't be sure... ahhhh... Summer has finally taken over! lol

Well anyway... yesterday I did a ton of laundry... and it was nice to get it done up... doesn't mean that I'm done with it just yet... but thankfully I'm catching up. I had a lot because I was washing bedding and clothes that were in storage bins. I also have a brand new, fancy dancy, clothes line that I am able to hang clothes out on and that makes me very happy!! :) I had an old one that I found and put up, but it wasn't so great, and then the other night Bryan came home with all the stuff to put a brand new one for me. I only wish it was a LOT longer or that I had two of them... it takes a long time for stuff to dry here... I think because there isn't as much of a breeze here because we are protected by all the trees and also because there doesn't seem to be as much sun, again because of all the trees... BUT one of these days a LOT of our trees are going to go... so then maybe things will dry quicker. Who knows.

Anyway... we hung out at home all day yesterday till the afternoon then went over to my parents house... the kids played, I cleaned and then we headed home. I made some pancakes for dinner, they were YUMMY! Then all the kids had a bath, not together, but anyway... and then off to bed. Soon after they were in bed, I fell asleep on the couch... I think I'm just as tired and worn out as they are by our busy days and late nights. lol

They are usually up early too. By 8 AM at the latest... and really it's usually well before 8 that they are up. Lauren today though, slept till 9:30 and is still laying in her bed relaxing. Good for her... she must really need it. Trevor and Brooke are up and running around like crazies! lol

Today we aren't doing much... the septic needs to be pumped out so they are coming today to take care of that.. and that's a good thing... some time this morning I think they will be here, we are also waiting for a package from Fed-Ex for Trevor's racing gear... he has his VERY FIRST race this Sunday!! I'm a nervous wreck!! He needed almost everything but his bike new!! He has outgrown even his helmet...

His dad ordered him...
new tires to help him get better traction on the track
new helmet
new gloves
new jersey
new pants
new socks
new boots
knee pads
elbow pads
graphics for his bike
and he is officially number 46!!! two of my favorite numbers and also Bryan's old numbers!! :)

sooooo on Sunday everyone say a little whoot whoot for #46!!! :)

Anyway... we are just hanging out here for now, my mom is home today, she is making a whole lotta pies for the boy scouts to sell at a bicentennial of White Lake gathering on Saturday... and my dad is home today too, and they have my nephew & niece... Matthew & Julia so I'm not sure if we will go over today and hang out some to keep everyone company or if it would be easier if we just stayed home and they could do their thing. lol

Well I guess I should get going and make some breakfast for us all... tootle loooo


LceeL said...

*waves* Hi! Sounds like you're having fun - busy but fun. Great.

~ Hi. Glad you stopped by. Come on in, kick off your shoes, put your feet up relax, grab a drink and stay a while. ~