Monday, October 20, 2008

MORE Annoying DUMB people...

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This time at Wal-Mart. I know you are all so surprised that I found STUPID people in Wal-Mart... but really I did. I found two complete dumbass stupidface JERKS!!! ugh. AND I found them both within a few minutes of one another...


I guess the saying is should be all JACK-ASSES come in pairs.... or maybe just my new saying is going to be that...


Well anyway... the shopping trip was pretty uneventful until we were leaving the store and walking to the truck. I had both girls out of the cart walking b/c it was full of groceries. We go out the one set of doors only to realize that we had parked at the other end of the store... no biggie. It was pretty nice out at that point in the day, it had warmed up so we didn't mind walking... ONLY I was concerned about having two 3 year olds walking through the busy parking lot with me, while I had to push a heavy shopping cart with a bum wheel... but we were doing okay.


Then Brooke decided to have a melt down and not want to walk... AT ALL. She wanted me to carry her.


Which I WAS NOT and COULD NOT carry her. There was no way!! So I was gently (LOL) convincing her to hold the cart and walk along with me... so she could have her skittles when we got to the truck... all the while making sure that Lauren didn't let go of the cart.

Brooke is crying pretty loudly... but I don't care b/c we are outside and who gives a crap how loud she is... I'm just glad she is walking along with me and holding onto the cart.

From behind me I hear some JACK-ASS *fake* crying loudly behind me... mimicking Brooke. But, if at all possible, they were being louder and far more annoying.

Now, not knowing who it is doing this... b/c sometimes there are mentally challenged people there shopping as well that maybe would copy a THREE year old who is crying and upset and I really thought that should be the ONLY kind of person that would mimic a crying THREE year old.


I thought it would stop as we made our way across the entire parking lot and were obviously IGNORING them as best we could. Neither the girls or I turned around to look at the JACK-ASS that I know realize is still following us and getting closer b/c the *fake* loud obnoxious crying is getting louder and louder.


We are a few rows from the truck still and now I'm getting PISSED off and kind of concerned on why this STUPID effing JACK-ASS would follow a woman that is by herself with two small children across a parking lot making fun of a small child or whatever it was that the MORONIC JACK-ASS was doing.


So I turn around and it is the older man, not old but probably around his mid to late 50's or maybe even early 60's is following us. Now my mom and I have ran into this STUPID JACK-ASS before at another place where he was harassing us and trying to talk to my kids and we were sort of friendly but kept ignoring him the best we could and walked away.

THIS time was different though... THIS time it was above and beyond just the regular stupid-ass annoying shit... this time he was being a complete and totally JACK-ASS and was totally OUT OF LINE for following me OR trying to talk to my children or have ANYTHING what-so-ever to do with them.


So as I turned around this is what happened:

Me ~ "What are you doing?"

ASSFACE RETARD ~ "shhh" puts his finger up to his face to shush me, as he starts to do the *fake* crying.

Me ~ "What is wrong with you? You are being a complete fucking JERK!" "Why are you making fun of a THREE year old?"

ASSFACE RETARD ~ "no, shhhh. When I do this they usually stop crying."

Me ~ "Are you kidding me? You are a fucking idiot. That doesn't help you are an ass. and STOP FOLLOWING ME NOW!"

ASSFACE RETARD ~ "oh. you are angry today."

Me ~ "yes. Because you are a stupid ass jerk. GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!"

ASSFACE RETARD ~ "you are really mad today."

Me ~ "Mad enough to run you over with my truck if you don't GO AWAY you stupid asshole!!!"

ASSFACE RETARD ~ finally got the hint and walked away... throwing his hand up in the air like I was the one with the problem.

ME ~ thinking to myself what a STUPID, MESSED UP, REJECT, SCHMUCK that guy was!!

So now I'm all fired up and annoyed again so I can't tell you the other story just now about the other JACK-ASS that I found in the parking lot of Wal-Mart.


Momisodes said...

OMG! What a scary, creepy a$$hole! So sorry this happened to you.

jenn said...

I would have done the same exact thing! Some people are just asswipes who need to get a clue!

And I totally want to hear about the other asswipe, too.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

He sounds scary! They need to keep him out of that place since he's harassing people.

Stephanie said...

If he continues to "show up" where you are call the police, I am not kidding. Better to be safe and embarrassed than sorry and gone.

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