Saturday, January 10, 2009

What to do?

I was just searching around with my friends last night on some people's MySpace pages, which I do not have one of. While on there, we saw a girls page that I'm not friendly with and actually had words with on New Years Eve, because she is a chronic trouble maker, and big time liar. We ended our words with the idea that I wouldn't kill her, but that we aren't friends and I would just deal with her because she is our cousin's girlfriend. End of discussion. So anyway... while on her page we saw pictures that she posted from New Years... she had pictures of everyone on there, and it was kind of annoying because truth be told, no one likes her or can stand her, and she pretty much knows this but still wants to put it out there that she is all friendly friendly with all of us. Whatever. I could care less. Those that know me, know I can't stand that two faced, fake ass, lying bitch and so they know we aren't friends. And, for those that don't know me, well then since they don't know me I could care less what they think of me. lol

BUT! here is the big BUT!! I found pictures of my kids on her page. AND her page is public! Of course you are all like... "well you have pictures of your kids on your blog.... so what." BUT my deal is this... ONE... this is a blog. and most people that are here, I am "friends" with or are friends of a friend of mine... I don't think blogs get as much attention as MySpace... so there for the pictures that I have up of my children are not viewed by a large audience. Also they are my children and my pictures. On her page, they are MY children and she posted them with out permission on a very public site.

AND to top it all off... she spelt Trevor's name wrong. Now I know she is completely stupid and ignorant silly little pig, but come on now... if you are going to plaster your page with pictures of my children at least spell their name right. jeez.

So I want to say something to her. I want to tell her that she has to take them down, that I do NOT want them up... and I really don't and honestly it isn't just picking at her... I wouldn't want them up on any one's page on MySpace, but all the others are set to private and ONLY their friends can view the pictures they have.

BUT... another big one... I know this will start world war three... or what is it for us... maybe world war six. SOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo... I wanted to know what you all think about it and what you would do.

I totally want to kick this bitch's ass for this and many reasons, but I'm trying to be a lot more grown up this year and not let petty shit like her bother me.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

xoxoox thanks


Allie said...

Ummmm, I'm pretty sure that you can contact myspace and tell them that there are unauthorized pictures and they will take them down. Of course, if they are the ones of your kids she will know you did it and so maybe it will be better to just say it to her personally. Whether it starts WW III or not doesn't matter, they are your kids and you are protecting them, fuck her and her feelings.

clickmom said...

For sure ask her first and then if she doesn't take them down contact myspace. You are the parent, you get to make the rules. Posting other people's pictures is wrong, I would never post other people or especially their kids w/o permission.

Brandy said...

WW6 or not, I would ask her to take the down, especially since her page is not private. She shouldn't have done that without your permission.

AndreaLeigh said...

yeah, i would never put pictures of someone else's kids up without their permission. i don't post pics of my niece and nephew for that reason.

i'd actually go through your cousin - tell him you saw her page and the pics, and you aren't comfortable with your kids pics being on someone else's page, where you can't police who sees them. if that doesn't take care of it, contact myspace directly.

jenn said...

Maybe tell your cousin to ask her to take them down. He can tell her nicely that she didn't have permission, and that she needs to remove them. If she doesn't, then I'd go to myspace. I totally agree with you about myspace being more public than blogging. I have yet to encounter a creep while blogging, but people on myspace are mean...I think it's more of a popularity thing there.

***I'm not saying all myspace users are mean...and I'm sure there are mean bloggers out there...oh forget it. Just tell the bitch to take the pictures down or you'll sue her!

J said...

Dude. I was totally going to say exactly what Allie did. That bitch. Ugh. I agree with her. No wonder she is my BFF.

Tell that bitch to take the pics down. Period. And then kick her in the head.

Annie said...

Who cares if it starts WW6? You're the parent, you don't want the pictures there - tell her to take them down. There's a huge difference between posting pictures of yourself with adults that you want to pretend are your friends, and posting pictures of kids.

If you want less of scene, do what the others have suggested and go through your cousin. If you really don't care, then I'd just contact her directly and say "Hey, I saw that you posted pictures of my kids on your page. I'm not comfortable with that, can you please take them down?"

There's nothing mean about that.

If she doesn't, contact MySpace and they'll take them down.

What a bitch. I think you should kick her in the head.

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Jenn you should really quit holding back and tell us how you really feel about the girl, lol! Just kidding!

I will say this, my family is crazy too and the women in our family are insane and you say one thing to them and its like WW6 too so I can understanding keeping the peace.

I agree with all your buddies though, I don't like the idea of someone posting my kids pic with out telling me, I would go through all the steps mentioned too.

Keep us posted and let us know because we all are nosey like that...and if we need to gather bail money, lol!!

Take care!!!


Jennifer said...

Yeah, I'd have been po'd about that. If it were me, I'd tell her to remove the pics asap. She don't like it? Not your problem. It's your kids, your say if and where pics of them get posted online.

Rhea said...

I totally ask relatives and friends' permission before I put photo of them or their kids on my blog. That's so not cool not to ask first. I don't blame you for being mad about that.

Ask her how she'd feel if you were posting photos of her without her permission.

April said...

Wow...I'm not so sure how I would feel about all that. I think the best way to handle her is just to call and politely ask her to take them off...if she doesn't then kick her ass!

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